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    • 1.

      Persian Cat Information And Cat And Kitten Types Are Described

      by Martin Marks - 2008-05-20
      Most people have a liking for pet animals and for them cats are no exceptions. People may find a variety of cats depending on their body types. It is easy to spot the difference between the stocky Per...
    • 2.

      Cat Behavior Described With Cat Information And Kitten Information

      by Martin Marks - 2008-05-20
      It is always a concern, when a person witnesses a violent behavior between two cats, who were once good friends. Aggression among cats however is associated with certain reasons and it is necessary fo...
    • 3.

      Cat Behavior And All About Cats

      by Martin Marks - 2008-05-20
      People describe cats as tree climbing animals. Proailurus was the first true descendent of the cat that was found 33 million years back. Cats earlier resided in rain forests and were great hunters. Th...
    • 4.

      Cat Training Tips And Cat Litter Tips

      by Martin Marks - 2008-05-21
      Is It Necessary To Train Cats?People who own cats may come across this question very often. Well, the answer is yes. Imagine a cat causing damage to valuable articles at home such as glassware, the so...
    • 5.

      Cat Behavior And Cat Hunting Information

      by Martin Marks - 2008-05-21
      Domestic cats are often well fed. However, most pet owners are still amused as why their cats kill rodents, birds and still do not eat them. The reason is, unlike other predators, the cat's desire to ...
    • 6.

      Feline Health And Cat Scratching Information

      by Martin Marks - 2008-05-21
      Cat lovers may be familiar with a common habit of cats, that is scratching. They simply appear interesting to watch, when a person sees them scratch walls or the armchair. For those who still want to ...
    • 7.

      Tabby Cats And Other Colors Of Cats

      by Martin Marks - 2008-05-29
      Patterns are a mixture of colors in a definite arrangement. The six fundamental types of coat patterns present in cats with some differences are Tabby, Tortoiseshell, Solid, Bicolor, Colorpoint and Tr...
    • 8.

      Cats And Kittens Having Nine Lives

      by Martin Marks - 2008-05-29
      Ever wondered when cats fall, they always seem to land properly on their feet. Moreover, they do not suffer from any bruises or injuries. Does it have to do with the old mythological saying that cats ...
    • 9.

      Find Cat Breed Information And Information On Shorthair Cats

      by Martin Marks - 2008-05-29
      A cat is a small felid mammal that has been domesticated for several years. The word cat most usually means a domestic or house cat, even though people used to refer this as member of a feline family....
    • 10.

      Learn About Cat Beds And What Cat Bed Is Best

      by Martin Marks - 2008-05-30
      Ecology is the science of relationships between organisms and their environments. When looking for cats, people have to consider a variety of aspects, such as the natural habitat or the environment. T...