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    • 1.

      Amazon Kindle: A Flawed Start To A Revolution

      by Bob Livolsi - 2007-12-04
      Last week Jeff Bezos and released the Amazon Kindle. This device is a groundbreaking step in increasing the popularity of eBooks. It boasts an electronic-paper display to mimic the look of ...
    • 2.

      The Anatomy of Amazon's Kindle Reader

      by Brenda Stokes - 2007-12-06
      The newest baby of Amazon, Kindle Reader, is lighting up the minds of millions of people all over the world-or, at least, for those who have got hold of their newest innovation immediately.Kindl...
    • 3.

      Recounting the 5 Faults of Kindle

      by Brenda Stokes - 2007-12-06
      Who says is only limited to selling books? Today, Amazon has joined the ranks of being one of the major technological innovators. In fact, Sony's Reader has found great competition fr...
    • 4.

      Amazon Kindle - Top 10 Things You Need to Know

      by Brenda Stokes - 2007-12-06
      If you have just heard about the entire latest buzz surrounding the e-book reader Kindle from Amazon, you need to know more. Here are the top 10 aspects about Kindle almost everyone needs to kno...
    • 5.

      Kindle vs. Sony Ebook Reader Reviews

      by Brenda Stokes - 2007-12-06
      There has been a lot of buzz lately about the brand new e-book reader launched by Amazon. The most popular e-book reader around has been the one launched by Sony.The price differenceOne of the m...
    • 6.

      Amazon's Kindle Is Taking the World by Storm in 7 Ways

      by Brenda Stokes - 2007-12-06
      Kindle caught the people by surprise, but it was a very pleasant entry. In fact, it was welcomed with open arms that, until today, Amazon still has to advise their customers to wait. There are n...
    • 7.

      Will the Amazon Kindle be a Success?

      by Dave Simpson - 2008-07-03
       In 2001 Apple launched the iPod. Why bother, everyone said, there were already hundreds of different digital music players at the time and most people dismissed the idea out of hand. Three hundred ...
    • 8.

      Learn to Speed Read For Free

      by Diane McDonald - 2008-09-01
      Right now the need to read and digest information is becoming more and more important. Things are changing so fast that it can be a battle just to keep up.Speed Reading is becoming more and more popu...
    • 9.

      7 Easy Ways to Travel Light Without Stress

      by Diane McDonald - 2008-09-04
      Here are 7 easy ways to travel Light and really enjoy your trip over seas. Often we are just so tired and drained of energy when we arrive that we dont enjoy ourselves. This list of 7 easy ways to tr...
    • 10.

      Oprah 's Favorite New Gadget: Kindle

      by Kindle - 2008-10-30
      Kindle is a wireless e-book reading device with all sorts of cool features. This portable reading device can connect to your wireless internet and download books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers in l...