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    • 31.

      Piano Tabs: Learn To Play Fur Elise

      by Peter Edvinsson - 2008-06-07
      In this piano lesson you will learn to read easy keyboard tablature. Piano tab notation is easy to read even if you do not know how to read sheet music. You will also learn to play an easy piano versi...
    • 32.

      Computers, Top 10 Must Have's on Any Touchpad Keyboard

      by 10x Marketing - 2008-06-12
      1. Durability If you are using your new computer for work, home and family use as well as everyday emailing, you are going to need a touchpad keyboard made out of quality materials to last. Wi...
    • 33.

      Drive Your Worries Away With Ergonomic Laptop Stands

      by Salvador Paez - 2008-06-15
      There is no single kind of ergonomic laptop stand. It is instead a term used to encompass various kinds of furniture that were developed to make the use of laptop computers easier and more hassle-free...
    • 34.

      Qwerty Keyboard

      by John Gray - 2008-06-17
      Nokia have finally announced the E71, their QWERTY keyboard Symbian phone.  The specs had been leaked a while ago - but here are the full features and specifications. The Nokia E71 is an upgrade to ...
    • 35.

      Piano Tabs: Learn To Play White Christmas With Keyboard Tablature

      by Peter Edvinsson - 2008-06-23
      This piano lesson will help you read piano tab notation or keyboard tablature. You will find that this type of notation is easy to understand even if you cannot read music sheets. As an example we wi...
    • 36.

      Sound and Music Related Patent Documents

      by Richard Swan - 2008-07-06
      501 7,010,263 System and method for distributing music and data 502 7,009,095 Keyboard musical instrument with laterally adjustable built-in music rack and music rack used therein 503 7,007,012 Proce...
    • 37.

      Music and Acoustic Related Inventions

      by Richard Swan - 2008-07-06
      1201 7,130,246 Acoustic fluid machine 1202 7,130,242 System and method for detecting an acoustic signal in the presence of flow noise 1203 7,129,887 Augmented reality traffic control center 1204 7,12...
    • 38.

      Sound Producing and Music Related Inventions

      by Richard Swan - 2008-07-06
      2451 5,011,451 and a vehicle structure including the same 2452 5,011,450 Sound producing toy with drive mechanism for movable figure 2453 5,011,412 Educational keyboard with removable keys 2454 5,010...
    • 39.

      Inventions About Keyboard Musical Instruments

      by Richard Swan - 2008-07-06
      901 6,632,991 Scale indicator for a keyboard instrument 902 6,631,107 Method and apparatus for information recording medium 903 6,630,800 Remote-control device of lamp series control box 904 6,629,06...
    • 40.

      5 Basic Tips To Handle Computer Keyboard

      by Alex Bellweather - 2008-08-15
      Keyboard is an important part of the computer system. It is one of the most interactive tools through which you can easily feed the database in the word or spreadsheet.It also controls the computer by...