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    • 1.

      New Job Envy - Do You Have It?

      by Heather Eagar - 2006-11-30
      Your closest co-worker just got a new job...and it makes you crazy because that could have been you. You're as qualified as her; you have the same background and experience…why weren't you the one who...
    • 2.

      Cover Letter Blunders & Pitfalls

      by Heather Eagar - 2007-02-09
      As you sit down to write your cover letter, do you ever stop and think, "Who the heck is going to read this?" You may believe that just because employers get hundreds of resumes per job posting that t...
    • 3.

      Modern Online Career Portals - The One-stop Shop

      by Heather Eagar - 2007-03-11
      In the not-so-recent-past, job seekers had to spend hours upon hours walking around visiting companies and career consultants hoping to get a good job. They had to pour over newspapers and job listing...
    • 4.

      Career Ignorance Is Not Bliss - Why You Aren't Getting Job Offers

      by HEATHER EAGAR - 2007-03-22
      Do you keep getting rejected at each and every interview that you go on? Is this getting you down? Making you feel dejected? Before you decide that ‘it's all someone else's fault', have you thou...
    • 5.

      Over 50 And Job Searching - Cultivating Your Upper Hand

      by Heather Eagar - 2007-04-13
      No one really knows when youth ends officially. But if you are over 50 and looking for a job, you probably feel that the rules have all changed. These are the times of downsizing, 'right-sizing' (what...
    • 6.

      Desperate To Leave Your Job? Avoid These Fatal Mistakes

      by Heather Eagar - 2007-04-21
      If you are not satisfied with your current job, you may be tempted to quit right away. However, this may not be a smart career move - and you should leave your present job only after you find a new on...
    • 7.

      Career Decisions - Charting Your Own Destiny

      by Heather Eagar - 2007-04-30
      Being grown up and having the freedom to 'decide' is a goal that most of us have. However, once we have reached our early twenties, and we realize that we are actually getting a little freedom, it is...
    • 8.

      What To Know Before Giving An Interview

      by Sonia - 2007-05-04
      Interview, the word itself sounds very scary for most of the people. But for some it is merely a conversation between two people. And it's always easy for them to join a new job without any inquisitio...
    • 9.

      Make Your Move - Right Into Management

      by Heather Eagar - 2007-05-15
      Are you ready to move up the corporate ladder and shoulder management responsibilities? There are a number of indicators that can tell you if you are ready for the big leap. If you are in a staff or l...
    • 10.

      Career 5 Resume Tips: Do What Most Job Seekers Don't

      by HEATHER EAGAR - 2007-06-14
      When it comes to writing a great resume, there are no hard and fast rules or specific formats that you should adhere to; however, your resume should be targeted to each specific job that you are a...