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    • 1.

      Tips For People That Want A New Look

      by Victor - 2006-12-13
      I've come up with a few things that will help you add a bit of edge to your style. I'd advice having a look through these ideas, picking just one or two and then adding more if you still feel a bit...
    • 2.

      Buy and sell online

      by Aijaz - 2007-02-06
      With the increase in costs of auction websites for people to buy or sell online items like household appliances or outdoor commodities, many people are focusing towards free classifieds websites fo...
    • 3.

      So you want To be a DIVA follow these steps.

      by A Crystal Diva - 2007-04-11
      So you want to be a DIVA why else would you start to read this article !!Well lets take it in steps1. Always have that perfect matching oufit preferably with something transparet just incase thre a...
    • 4.

      The secrets of Rocks, stones and crystals

      by Amber Stone - 2007-04-26
      Rocks, stones and crystals, have their own electromagnetic frequency. This applies to precious, semi-precious and regular stones. They each contain a specific energy; express oneself by their colou...
    • 5.

      Buy Wholesale Jewelry

      by Ardis Myles - 2007-08-07
      You have a style all your own. You won't settle for the same trends as everyone else. You love to shop for unique accessories. That's why wholesale jewelry can be your perfect fit.When it comes to buy...
    • 6.

      How Can You Display Your Handmade Jewellery Online if You are Already Selling it on a Retail Shop?

      by Imran ali - 2008-11-16
      If you are crafting handmade jewellery and have a retail shop which sells handmade artisan jewellery then you must need to be online. There are millions of websites which are reputed and visited fre...
    • 7.

      A Guide to Store, Care and Protect Your Handmade Jewellery

      by Imran ali - 2008-11-16
      It is true that with proper storage and care, jewellery can last long. If you purchase durable and quality handmade jewellery then you are investing your money right. This jewellery is a generations...
    • 8.

      Unique Handmade Jewellery is a Gift for Her That Will Cheer Her Up

      by Imran ali - 2008-11-16
      If some one wants to express love to his beloved in a unique way, the best way to do is to choose a unique piece of art like handmade jewellery. Giving this kind of jewellery as gift can become a si...
    • 9.

      Hand Made Jewellery - Tips to Secure Your Handmade Jewellery

      by Imran ali - 2008-11-16
      Handmade jewellery is a unique piece of art and is precious because it is created in desired shape, metal, gems which may be precious. This is the fact that who ever will order it, will order someth...
    • 10.

      Handmade Jewellery - Comparison of Jewellery Made by Hand With Casting Method

      by Imran ali - 2008-11-16
      Before crafting handmade jewellery two things, casting and making of jewellery by hand, must be understood. This will help you to decide whether making of jewellery by hand is worse or better, than ...