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    • 1.

      Review of "Apollo 13"

      by David Terr - 2007-02-18
      "Apollo 13" is a terrific movie, telling the true story of the perilous Apollo 13 mission. The acting and special effects are excellent, especially the zero gravity scenes, which were performed aboard...
    • 2.

      Making Cheap Telephone Calls Using SMS

      by Chris Robertson - 2007-03-11
      Around the world, SMS - or Short Message Service - has become ubiquitous. Millions upon millions of SMSes are sent and received each day from one mobile phone to another. These 160-character messages ...
    • 3.

      Why you Should Buy a Jeep Compass?

      by Lisa Ziegler - 2007-03-23
      Despite the Jeep Compass signature features such as the seven-slot grille, round lights and four wheel drive, this Jeep is also making quite a noise at the lower end of the SUV market. Designed to at...
    • 4.

      Partnership Between Daimlerchrysler and Dana Corporation: Strong as Ever

      by Lisa Ziegler - 2007-03-23
      In the news: Dana Corporation has announced recently that they will be supplying Spicer® front and rear axles and Spicer Life Series ® front and rear propshafts that are to be used for the new 2007 ...
    • 5.

      Controversy Sells

      by Alewis - 2007-07-26
      "Pop that nigga, I don't care if he know me," is a line from one of the songs off 50 Cent's second album, The Massacre. While I do not condone the use of the word "Nigga," I must say that 50 Cen...
    • 6.

      Advice Christian Current Affairs Hillary Tops Previous Flip Flops - Earmarks or Ear Candy

      by MICHAEL BRESCIANI - 2007-08-25
      With 43 Presidents weighed in and counted Americans can pretty much tell a politician from a statesman. Certain ear markings always accompany a statesman while political rhetoric and ear candy alw...
    • 7.

      Hillary Tops Previous Flip Flops - Earmarks or Ear Candy

      by Rev Michael Bresciani - 2007-08-28
      Inexperience, shallowness, evasiveness and outright lying are all part of lesser politics but "flip flopping" stands out as the most obvious and the most hated of ulterior motives in a political...
    • 8.

      An Energetic smell perfume

      by H - 2007-10-08
      Perfume becomes a consumable product for each and everybody around the world. Almost every human has been influenced by perfume and fragrance. From the ancient days till now, every human started...
    • 9.

      Makeup cosmetics perfume

      by H - 2007-10-08
      The Phone and beyond for Safe Cosmetics is a coalition working to protect your health by calling for the elimination of chemicals used in the cosmetics industry linked to cancer, birth defects a...
    • 10.

      Burberry scentsational fragrance

      by H - 2007-10-08
      Perfume, fragrance attains the top most position among the customers i.e. men and women for their daily uses. Perfume and fragrance can be used for day times, night times and during different oc...