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    • 1.

      Coming Up With Cash for Your Down Payment

      by Sergio Haros - 2006-12-06
      There are many factors that go into obtaining the financing you need to buy a home. Coming up with the cash for your down payment is one that most people don't realize.Coming Up With Cash for Your Dow...
    • 2.

      Understanding The Concept Of An IRA

      by William Smith - 2006-12-12
      An IRA is an Individual Retirement Account, which provides either a tax-deferred or a tax-free way of saving for future retirement. There are many varied forms of accounts within the world. Depending ...
    • 3.

      The Basics of IRAs

      by Martin Lukac - 2006-12-20
      Retirement planning is one of the essential cornerstones of a successful financial plan. We all have to face retirement eventually. Some of us hope that we will reach it sooner than most. Through the ...
    • 4.

      How to Use a Self-Directed IRA or Solo 401(k)

      by Michael Potter, J.D. - 2007-01-16
      Today, it's no secret that most baby boomers are now playing 'catch-up' with their retirement funding. In just two generations, the career world has been completely transformed. Lifetime employment at...
    • 5.

      Getting Educated About Inheriting an IRA From Your Parent

      by Karen Fusco - 2007-01-27
      When my Dad passed away, the lawyers and accountants sorted through his estate determining who got what. I was one of the beneficiaries on his traditional IRA which was held in mutual funds and stocks...
    • 6.

      Keeping Your Self-Directed Retirement Account Trouble-Free

      by Michael Potter, J.D. - 2007-01-28
      A New Way Forward.In the last 10 years, investors have been through quite a roller coaster ride. The ups and downs of both real estate and stock investing have given many reasons to pause and reflect ...
    • 7.

      Is Your Retirement Plan Safe?

      by Chemain Evans - 2007-02-06
      Once upon a time there was a man named Joe who decided he wanted to be a fisherman. He went out looking for work and found a job on a fishing boat. Joe was very dedicated and hardworking. He plann...
    • 8.

      Looking For Another Income Tax Deduction? You Might Qualify For an IRA and Not Know It

      by Robert D. Cavanaugh, CLU - 2007-02-12
      An additional income tax deduction may be available by contributing to an IRA. However, many people may not realize they qualify to have an IRA. So let's take a look at the contribution rules. ...
    • 9.

      Free Article Rollovers to IRAs - Rules, Tips and Cautions

      by Robert D. Cavanaugh, CLU - 2007-02-14
      Rollovers can be a confusing subject. This is because rollovers can come from qualified plans, tax sheltered annuities, eligible Section 457 government plans and the five types of IRAs. Here,...
    • 10.

      Roth IRAs: Test Your Knowledge

      by Robert D. Cavanaugh, CLU - 2007-02-20
      How well do you know Roth IRAs? Here are five tough questions. Let's see how you do...1. I am 72 years young and still working. Can I set up a Roth IRA?Yes. Unlike a traditional IRA, which does not...