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    • 1.

      Sources of Finance - Second Home Investments

      by Brian Long - 2006-11-28
      There's a boom going on and it is towards continued investment in second homes. Of late second home purchases have represented a significant percentage of all homes sold in the developed western world...
    • 2.

      Investment Strategies - Shaping Your Future

      by Stephen Bigalow - 2007-04-13
      It's so easy to do, it will surprise you. The excitement of joining the world of investing, the opportunity to turn your $500 into millions, and the chance to impress your friends make it irresistible...
    • 3.

      Following The Crowd With Momentum Investing

      by Chad Surges - 2007-04-16
      In the late 1990's many investors fell victim to the momentum investing craze that was sweeping the country. It seemed that no matter what stock someone bought the price of that stock would always go ...
    • 4.

      Cash In on These Four Megatrends

      by Wendyleigh Montesdeoca - 2007-04-26
      No matter where you turn these days, there seems to be a crisis brewing. It would give even the most confident investor pause. And for the rest of you who are a little nervous to begin with, what's ...
    • 5.

      3 Sure-Fire Ways to Enhance Your Forex Trading Education

      by John J Callingham - 2008-07-20
      Forex trading education is in all sense of the word, vital to those who are keen on entering the foreign exchange market. Contrary to what most people think, success in foreign exchange trading is ex...
    • 6.

      What Is Currency Trading - Learning The Ropes

      by John J Callingham - 2008-07-20
      What is currency trading? This is perhaps one of the most common heard questions, in the light of the recent increase in popularity of foreign exchange trade as a mode of investment. Fuelled by the g...
    • 7.

      Wall Street Turmoil - Are Your Investments Safe?

      by Alan B. Lancz - 2008-10-09
      Over the past eight years, investors have experienced at least three major bubbles, which are now culminating into one of the most challenging credit crises in many decades. Legendary investor Sir Joh...
    • 8.

      Financial Investing 19 - What is Passive Investment Strategies ?

      by Kyle J. Norton - 2008-10-26
      Passive strategies require little change in the portfolio, with a few occasional adjustments to offset market change or investment objective changes. This method assumes that the investments are made...
    • 9.

      Financial Investing 18 - What is Active Investment Strategies?

      by Kyle J. Norton - 2008-10-26
      There are two types of investment strategies in common use include:Active strategies and passive strategies. In this article, we will only discuss the active strategies and leave the passive strategi...
    • 10.

      General Stock Market Investment Strategies

      by Simon Huntsfield - 2008-11-23
      Pretty much every investor uses one of three general investment strategies. These are: fundamental analysis, technical analysis and buying and holding the market. A brief examination of each of these ...