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    • 111.

      Subprime Mortgage: Demystified

      by Justin narin - 2008-12-18
      Subprime mortgages can be identified as loans made to people with past blemishes on their credit histories, may not be able to fully document their incomes, or who may have less equity or smaller down...
    • 112.

      Eligibility For Veteran Subsidized Loans

      by Amanda Hash - 2009-01-13
      Veteran subsidized loans are military loans specially tailored for veterans. The interest rate charged for the loan is significantly lower because they are subsidized and the rest of the loan terms ar...
    • 113.

      The Basics Of A Home Mortgage

      by Justin narin - 2009-02-07
      Purchasing a home involves getting a mortgage. A mortgage is a written pledge of property used as security for the repayment of a loan. The property you purchase is the collateral for the mortgage. If...
    • 114.

      Mortgage Loans Interest Rate Negotiation Can Get You A Great Deal

      by Amanda Hash - 2009-02-12
      Few people have negotiating skills, we are used to entering a store picking a product and paying what the price tag says. However, when it comes to properties, it is still common to bargain a little w...
    • 115.

      Education Articles - How many years should you hold your mortgage for?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-07-13
      When the housing market is hot, it is not uncommon to see potential home owners thinking about getting a 50-year mortgage to lower the cost of mortgage payments. Like any new style of doing something,...
    • 116.

      Education Articles - How do you fend off foreclosure?

      by JENNIFER BAXT - 2009-07-16
      One of the things that is happening to more people than we would like is foreclosure, and in the United States right now, foreclosure is an ever present possibility. Trying to keep foreclosure from ha...
    • 117.

      Consolidate Student Loans, But Do Some Research First

      by Roger Guzman, M.D. - 2009-07-27
      Consolidate student loans, should you do this? Most graduates do this in order to lock in with a much lower interest rate. This will be more convenient as there will be a single monthly payment and be...
    • 118.

      Finance & Investment Articles - The Importance of Finding the Right Savings Account

      by Andrew Regan - 2009-12-29
      In order to provide you with financial security, it's important to have some form of bank savings. Whether you can afford to set aside just a few pounds a month or a few hundred, it's smart to start...
    • 119.

      What Are Option Directional Trades?

      by Mervin Hester - 2010-02-23
      Options provide great position management and risk control potential when using them to trade the market directionally. This goes beyond the simple fact that a long position in a call or put option ha...
    • 120.

      Why You Should Have A Savings Account

      by Richie Lindsay - 2010-04-06
      Meant to encourage the habit of saving money amongst people, a savings bank account not only ensures safe keeping of your funds, it also helps you keep your expenses under control. Use of savings acco...