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    • 31.

      So You Want To Play The Guitar

      by Angela Nazario - 2008-09-20
      Guitars are one of the most readily available instruments that we have nowadays-- they are portable, not too expensive, and can be acquired from different locations all around the world. They can also...
    • 32.

      Music For Your Eyes

      by Angela Nazario - 2008-09-30
      It is a common misconception that reading music is very hard; the truth is, it is a language which is understood by many. Unlike other languages, music is very basic, straightforward and uses only a f...
    • 33.

      Watch Out for Fake Reviews of Mont Blanc Writing Instruments

      by Kelly Wright - 2008-10-22
      Would you believe that somebody can post a fake Mont Blanc pen review? Why does anybody would want to do that? And what may be the purpose for such review to appear on public websites?All right,...
    • 34.

      Aviation - How to Suceed

      by peter radford - 2008-10-22
      History       Aviation refers to the activities involving aircraft, including the people, various support, operational and manufacturing organisations, and regulatory bodies associated with them. ...
    • 35.

      Christian Articles - Singing and Playing in Christian Worship - More on Instrumental Music

      by DENNY SMITH - 2009-06-22
      I have learned over time that no matter how familiar you are with a subject given enough time you are bound to hear something you never heard before. It is a historical fact that instrumental music w...
    • 36.

      How To Make Hip Hop Beats - 101

      by Tyler Wood - 2010-04-27
      Learning how to make hip hop beats is not an easy process. It is often quite convoluted and complicated. But if you have patience and a desire to learn, and then let me tell you, nothing can stop you ...
    • 37.

      Tips On How To Achieve A Better Photo

      by Alonzo Green - 2010-06-30
      After I bought my first digital camera, complete with its little viewing screen, people would usually ask, "Can I see the picture?" Children would ask me to take their picture, and then run over and a...
    • 38.

      Why A Custom Photo Purse Is A Great Gift For New Moms

      by Hosea Charles - 2010-07-01
      When a woman becomes a mother, whether it be for the first time or not, life changes at that very moment in time. When a mother has a child there is pride that is associated with that child. The pride...
    • 39.

      The Brief History Of Photography

      by Hosea Charles - 2010-07-01
      For centuries images have been projected onto surfaces. The camera obscura and the camera lucida were used by artists to trace scenes as early as the 16th century. These early cameras did not fix an i...
    • 40.

      Quick Tips For Playing Better Guitar

      by Reinaldo Finch - 2010-07-14
      In this helpful article, you will get guitar playing tips designed to help you improve your playing skills. So let's get started... 1) The first guitar playing tip is to use good posture while playing...