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  • industrial flooring

    • 1.

      Filling Expansion Joints on Concrete Floors for a Smooth, Easy to Clean Finish

      by Durall Industrial Flooring - 2007-04-04
      Expansion joints are placed in floors to allow for shrinkage as concrete cracks as it cures. The joints are often trawled into the floor or occasionally cut after the floor is hard enough to walk on....
    • 2.

      Industrial Flooring Is Not For Sissies

      by Tom Turner - 2007-04-29
      When it comes to industrial flooring you have many choices of material to choose from. There are mats, epoxies, sealers, paints, and more. The main thing behind choosing an industrial flooring materi...
    • 3.

      How to Fill Expansion Joints in Concrete Floors for a Smooth Easy-to-clean Surface

      by Durall Industrial Flooring - 2008-04-13
      Expansion joints are put in floors to prevent cracks that might develop as a result of the shrinkage which occurs as concrete cures. The joints are trawled into the floor or sometimes cut after the fl...
    • 4.

      Checkerboard Floors and Collector Cars Look Great Together

      by Durall Industrial Flooring - 2008-04-19
      You'll take the checker flag every time when you show off your collector cars on a checkerboard floor. Now the Internet can get you complete quotes with step-by-step instructions on how to put down th...
    • 5.

      Repair Carpet Tack Strip Holes in Concrete Floors

      by Durall Industrial Flooring - 2008-04-24
      When carpet is removed from over concrete holes and craters are left from carpet tack strips that were nailed into the concrete. Each nail when removed can leave up to a ½ in. wide hole in the floor...
    • 6.

      UK Flooring Company Opens Romanian Office

      by Jane Shepherd - 2008-07-09
      South Cheshire flooring company Flowcrete has made the move into Romania.An office has been opened in Bucharest to tap into the growing number of construction projects coming online in the Eastern Eu...
    • 7.

      Business, Security Considerations When Constructing a New Industrial Floor

      by ABDUL VASI - 2008-07-11
      While constructing floor for any industry, safety of the people who would be working is of paramount consideration. The most important consideration is that it should provide a surface on which pe...
    • 8.

      UK Flooring Company Showcases Quick Drying Floor at Manufacturer Live 2008

      by Jane Shepherd - 2008-07-14
      Innovative products from leading flooring solutions company Flowcrete will be showcased at an international exhibition.Flowcrete is to display its Flowfast range at the prestigious Manufacturer Live ...
    • 9.

      Industrial Flooring Can be Fun For Feet

      by Shaun Parker - 2008-08-22
      It is an integral part of daytime telly advertising; the obligatory scene of some poor soul slipping on a wet surface and snapping an ankle, or a poor old dear with arthritis who can barely lift her ...
    • 10.

      Find Out How Not To Get Sued With Industrial Flooring

      by Dominic Donaldson - 2008-09-18
      In this quasi-American culture of law suit crazy capital gain, as not only a business owner but as a manager, it is essential that you do everything in your power to avoid being held accountable for ...