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    • 1.

      Field Dressing: So You Want To Field Dress A Deer

      by Len Q - 2008-07-15
      Field dressing a deer is some kind of job. You've got to have a very strong constitution for it. It's all blood and guts, after all. But you've decided to be a deer hunter, so you've got to be able to...
    • 2.

      Field Dressing: so You Want to Field Dress a Deer

      by Len Q. - 2008-07-24
      Field dressing a deer is some kind of job.  You’ve got to have a very strong constitution for it.  It’s all blood and guts, after all.  But you’ve decided to be a dee...
    • 3.

      Let's Climb Trees

      by Len Q - 2008-07-30
      When I was really young, climbing trees was like eating candy for me. If it had branches, I had to climb it. The steep hill behind grandma's house was covered with towering mango trees. I'd spend hour...
    • 4.

      Knife Sharpening Experts: Stropping It

      by Len Q - 2008-08-04
      You're sharpening your knife and have tested it to confirm for sharpness. You know that you've achieved it because you've found a burr on the knife's edge. This burr is how we know that the edge has r...
    • 5.

      Storm Preparedness: Tree Trimming

      by Len Q. - 2008-08-13
      You've been warned that a storm is coming. Standing outside your home, looking over your place, you realize that you've got to do something about those beautifully large trees. If you just let them b...
    • 6.

      Wood Carving: Choosing The Best Tools

      by Len Q - 2008-09-24
      If you're going to be a wood carver, you'll have many choices to make in the tools that you'll use. It could be fun just selecting them. So how do you know which tools are the best?Tools for Sharpenin...
    • 7.

      Wood Carving: Bevels And Cutting Angles

      by Len Q - 2008-09-30
      Most wood carving tools are cutting tools. Every cutting tool has at least one bevel. This is the sloping surface coming off the edge. But it's more than jut a sloping surface. It's actually a cutting...
    • 8.

      Carving Pumpkins: Jack-o-lanterns Of The Twenty-first Century

      by Len Q - 2008-10-26
      Every year at Halloween, jack-o-lanterns are everywhere. On doorsteps, on window sills, hanging as paper on walls, even as plastic candy collectors for trick-or-treaters. You can easily find them in d...
    • 9.

      Fishing: Three Proven Fishing Tips From The Masters

      by Len Q - 2008-10-27
      Having a hard time with your fishing game? Jealous of other fishermen who seem to get their rewards left and right, even up and down? No worries. Let's get that game on.Here are three tested and prove...
    • 10.

      Machete: the Magnificent Machete

      by Len Q. - 2008-11-12
      If you've ever gone on a jungle trek, or been in dense undergrowth for many acres, you've probably learned about a machete.  If there is another tool out there that can take you through dense, tangl...