horse racing tips

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  • horse racing tips

    • 1.

      Importance of horse racing tips

      by John Anthony - 2007-08-22
      The page of internet tipsters which is viewed maximum number of times is the page on horse racing tips for today. This page provides ratings for every horse in a race. This enables just about a...
    • 2.

      Horse Racing Tips from Old to New Way

      by John Anthony - 2007-08-22
      People have been getting horse racing tips or information from various sources such as newspapers, booklets, and internet since the time horse betting has started. Some even pay for it just to b...
    • 3.

      All important horse racing tips that you must know

      by John Anthony - 2007-09-27
      Several people are of the notion that betting on horse racing is all about participating in one race and then relax for few months with the winnings made before taking part in the next betting. ...
    • 4.

      Highly recommended horse racing tips

      by John Anthony - 2007-09-25
      One of the most ideal horse racing tip advises that you make a complete study, as much as possible, not only regarding the horses but also about their jockeys and trainers. At the same time you ...
    • 5.

      Study The Going, And Make Your Betting On Horse Racing Pay

      by - 2007-10-14
      Do you study the official Going report when considering a bet? In this article professional punter Max Redd explains why the state of the Going is so important.Weighing up the chances of a horse winni...
    • 6.

      TEN Reasons To Use The Betting Exchanges

      by Max Redd - 2007-10-20
      Betting exchanges such as Betfair and Betdaq have revolutionized the way many punters now place their bets. The most obvious benefit the exchanges offer over the traditional high street bookmaker is t...
    • 7.

      The Spirit Of True Competition In Horse Racing

      by Max Redd - 2007-12-11
      Next year Lewis Hamilton could be the first sportsman in history to earn in excess of one BILLION dollars as arguably the best formula one driver in the world. Yet this year, the title of best j...
    • 8.

      Factoring The Jockey And The Trainer In Horse Racing Tips

      by Delrick Mckay - 2008-05-13
      Tipsters always focus on the horse's stats in prior races to make horse racing tips. Rarely do they consider the skills of the trainer and the jockey in their predictions. Here are some reasons why yo...
    • 9.

      Horse Racing Tips: Make Money By Betting On The Losing Horse

      by Delrick Mckay - 2008-05-13
      You might not know it, but you can increase your profits if you put your money on the horse that has the greatest odds of losing a race. Professional punters dub this as "lay betting". Read more to le...
    • 10.

      So You Want to be a Professional Gambler?

      by Max Redd - 2008-06-04
      One of the questions I'm asked most often is "how do I go about going ‘full time' as a professional gambler?"A significant part of my income comes from my betting activities, so I guess I am qualifi...