history of tennis

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  • history of tennis

    • 31.

      Winning Tennis For Beginners

      by Jennifer Seaton - 2008-07-21
      Your small daughter of eight observed the last tennis open of the USA to television. And then that which she had died of desire for taking learning tennis completely seriously. Well it is completely s...
    • 32.

      Yoga And Sports: Tennis

      by Jennifer Seaton - 2008-07-21
      Tennis requires cat-like reflexes with short bursts of strength. These short movements do not allow the muscles to extend their full length. When muscles are strenuously worked they become tight and c...
    • 33.

      The 10 Top-Rated Professional Tennis Players of the World

      by Christa Kowalczyk - 2008-10-28
      Federer and Sampras topped the rank of the ten finest professional tennis players of the world. They are joined with Laver, Borg, Connors, Lendl, Emerson, McEnroe, Agassi, Tilden Here's our list of t...
    • 34.

      Sports Articles - The Relation Between Yoga and Tennis

      by WILLIAM DOYLE - 2009-09-29
      The elasticity of the muscles is essential particularly for the player of tennis because it needs the cat-like reflexes with glares of the force. However it does not mean that you must stretch your mu...