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    • 31.

      Digital Hearing Aids - An Overview

      by jenny hearingaid - 2010-05-01
      There has been a bold growth in the number of hearing aids that are digital this past decade. Much of these digital hearing aids are now in their 4th generation of updates, so they are fitted with tri...
    • 32.

      Hearing Aid Comparisons: Best Ways Of Saving Money

      by Richard C. Thomas - 2010-05-10
      When conversations become hard to follow and you just cannot help but exclaim "pardon" or "what were you saying" you know there is something wrong with your hearing and it is time for you to consider ...
    • 33.

      With Hearing Aids, Sense Of Hearing Not Restored, Only Helped

      by LisaM Murray - 2010-06-20
      Most people don't want to have to literally live by the phrase 'silence is golden,' but 20 million people in America come close. However, due to technological advances in modern hearing amplification ...
    • 34.

      How To Select A Hearing Aid

      by Margaret White - 2010-07-06
      With age, it is very common to see reduced hearing ability in many people. Hearing aid is a device that can help people hear and understand better. There are mainly three different kinds of hearing ai...