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    • 31.

      Five Reason Why You Want To Hire A Trainer

      by Thomas leong - 2007-07-24
      Using the exercise equipment in the fitness center is not very difficult, but neither is it something you should attempt to use it on your own when you visit a fitness center for first time. I ...
    • 32.

      Unhealthy Dieting Fads Can Be Dangerous!

      by Frank McGinty - 2007-08-06
      "I can't... I'm on a diet!"Statements like this tend to be said with sighs of regret. After all, we think of dieting as a punishment from above, or - at best - a necessary evil. It's as if the words '...
    • 33.

      Ways To Prevent Heart Disease

      by Tara Smith.. - 2007-08-07
      The Coronary Artery Disease is one of the most common types of heart diseases. Many people are concerned about heart disease and stroke, especially if they are struggling with weight control and high ...
    • 34.

      Seven Ways To Control Your Calories

      by Thomas leong - 2007-08-10
      Obesity is increasing every year. Many claim that they are eating less, especially fat than they used to, but they are now more overweight now than ever. I think the reason is because people do ...
    • 35.

      What Is Quantum Touch

      by Fred H - 2007-08-17
      The body has inherent healing powers. This is obvious from the fact that when you get scrapes and bruises, you don't do anything and they disappear in a day or two. Since many of us don't pay much att...
    • 36.

      The Connection Between Diabetes And Hair Loss

      by Andy Rowde - 2007-08-24
      If you have diabetes and you start losing your hair, you may be experiencing diabetes related hair loss. Although the connection was long thought to have already been established, the link between dia...
    • 37.

      Here's 1 Proven Program To Lose 2 Pounds Of Fat Per Week

      by Zuez Lacota - 2007-09-11
      Your dissatisfaction with your present weight and the suspicion that you might have been piling up weight over the years is understandable, but you should also be aware that this problem is not peculi...
    • 38.

      Proven Program To Help You Lose Weight Now

      by Zuez Lacota - 2007-09-11
      Folks who are dissatisfied with their current weight and who feel they have also been adding weight over the years should take consolation in the fact that many people are facing similar situations. A...
    • 39.

      All about Infrared Saunas

      by Jacob Getty - 2007-10-05
      Infrared sauna is the latest trend to make its appearance in gyms and other fitness facilities. Saunas have been recognized for a long time as an excepted treatment for a number of physical prob...
    • 40.

      The Complete Guide To Cleanse And Detox Your Body!

      by harru hamlin - 2007-10-19
      Body cleansing aims to rid the body of toxins that build up within the body. A toxin changes the structures of cells and tissues in the body, thereby also adversely affecting their performance.You wil...