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    • 1.

      Wigs - The Long And Short Of It

      by Lisa Anderson - 2006-12-10
      A wig is a head of hair, natural, horse-hair or synthetic which is worn in addition to or instead of ones own hair. The wig may be worn for religious, acting, ceremonial, and beautification reasons.Or...
    • 2.

      Hair Replacement Costs On The Rise

      by ImranAdrees - 2008-09-18
      Originally almost all hair replacement systems were only available to the wealthy in or within access to major metropolitan areas such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. The reason being, that's wh...
    • 3.

      Hair Replacements: Lace Vs. Skin Fronts For The Best Appearance

      by Syed_Salman - 2008-09-18
      The never ending question is: "What will give me the most natural looking hair line, skin or lace?"The answer is: BOTH! It seems to be more a matter of personal choice than anything and based on what ...
    • 4.

      Daily Wear Hair Systems Or Permanent Attachment Systems: Which Is Better?

      by Syed_Salman - 2008-10-17
      Daily wear hair systems have always been fairly popular in the hair replacement industry. In fact, the first hair replacement systems were basically all daily wear systems. What is a daily wear hair s...
    • 5.

      Davlyn Lace Adhesive: A Perfect Bonding Solution For Lace Hair Pieces

      by Syed_Salman - 2008-10-19
      Davlyn Lace Adhesive in the oz. size is the hottest product in the hair replacement industry. Davlyn Lace Adhesive is one of the most safe and effective lace adhesives on the market today. It not on...
    • 6.

      Getting a Good Deal on Custom Hair - Try Customizing a Stock Hair System

      by Syed_Salman - 2008-10-28
      Often the difference between stock and custom hair replacement system prices can be big. Unfortunately there are many hair wearers out there who simply have to order custom. Everyone has a unique hea...
    • 7.

      Custom Hair Replacement: Making Sure You Get What You Pay for

      by Hassan_Ahmed - 2008-10-28
      In the world of custom hair replacement there are seemingly endless options. There are very expensive custom hair replacement options that offer incredible quality hair, extremely personal service a...
    • 8.

      Remy Hair And Your Hair Replacement: What Are The Facts?

      by Hassaan_Ahmed - 2008-10-30
      Remy Hair (also sometimes referred to as Remi hair) is one of the biggest buzz words in the hair industry today. You've probably seen all kinds of hair replacement companies big and small touting thei...
    • 9.

      How Long Do Hair Replacement Systems Last?

      by ImranAdrees - 2008-10-30
      The longevity of a hair piece is based on several factors: the materials it's made from, the care it is given and the physiology and life style of the hair wearer. A hair replacement system can last a...
    • 10.

      Removing Adhesive Residue From the Hair in a System or Lace Front

      by Hassan_Ahmed - 2008-10-31
      Removing the adhesive residue from the hair of a hair system is incredibly important.  The adhesive in the hair can create a lot of stress and degradation to the hair knots as well as to the integr...