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  • green tea weight loss

    • 1.

      Green Tea Extract For Weight Loss

      by Balajiee Sampath - 2007-01-25
      Green tea has been drinken for centuries and still remains one of the most popular teas in China and contains powerful antioxidants which may help fight against heart disease, cancers and other diseas...
    • 2.

      3 Reasons to Take Green Tea for Weight Loss

      by Tommy Lee - 2007-03-15
      1. Green tea can help you lose weight effectively.Green tea has substances called catechins in them, which helps fight cancer and heart diseases. These catechins have recently been shown to reduce bod...
    • 3.

      What's The Fuss About Green Tea and Weight Loss

      by Tabitha Scott - 2007-03-15
      Everywhere I look right now, I see green tea. Green tea, green tea,and more green tea. Green tea drinks, green tea supplements,green tea extract. Heck, green tea is now even a favored ingredienti...
    • 4.

      Green Tea Weight Loss: Not Just Another Fad

      by Scott T Smith - 2007-05-23
      There are too many diets out there that come and go. And there's a reason: They don't last because they don't really work. But amidst all the hype, once in a while you come across something that reall...
    • 5.

      Can You Benefit From Green Tea Dieting?

      by Brigita Feltham - 2007-07-19
      As an avid drinker of green tea I decided to find out if there are any benefits of green tea dieting. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg)is a catechin found in green tea, and is thought to be the key ingr...
    • 6.

      Herbal Tea and It's Benefit's

      by Andrewphilip - 2007-08-01
      World of herbal teas extends beyond our imaginations. Teas have been a common tastes world wide. Since time immemorial herbal teas are the part of human and has been a accompanying him in all hi...
    • 7.

      Green Tea For Weight Loss

      by Brian Jiang - 2008-04-18
      Nature seems to have a cure for everything if you can find it with the health benefits of green tea, only just being understood; it has excellent antioxidant properties, widely used by drug and health...
    • 8.

      Green Tea Caffeine Content - How Safe Is It?

      by Jenn Bingham - 2008-06-19
      I absolutely love green tea and have been enjoying for years. There's such a wide variety of flavors and types of green tea to choose from, and it's so healthy for you! Green tea has loads of health b...
    • 9.

      Best Diet Pills-Discover the Safest and Most Effective Diet Pills on the Market Today!

      by Janet Sommers - 2008-07-17
      Almost everybody can readily admit that they have, at one time or two in their lives, have considered taking diet pills. This is not surprising since with the growing market for these pills, one of t...
    • 10.

      Weight Loss Tea - The Healthy Way to Lose Weight

      by Janet Sommers - 2008-07-24
      Is it true that drinking tea is a healthy way to lose weight? We are now aware of how famous tea variants are working well in the bodies to help health conscious people to lose weight. However, thoug...