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    • 1.

      A GPS System Will Take You Anywhere

      by Ray La Foy - 2006-12-04
      The GPS (Global Positioning System) is a "constellation" of 24 well-spaced satellites that orbit the Earth and make it possible for people with ground receivers to pinpoint their geographic location. ...
    • 2.

      GPS What Is It?

      by Ralph Wellington - 2006-12-30
      The Global Positioning System or GPS for short is the world's first satellite radio-navigation system. It was developed by the United States Department of Defense under the name of NAVSTAR or Navigat...
    • 3.

      What You Need To Know About Gps

      by Chiun Master - 2007-04-16
      What It Is and How It Works - For the uninitiated, GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It's a method of finding a receiver anywhere on earth or in orbit, and it's probably one of the most impor...
    • 4.

      8 Advantages Of A Gps System

      by Arthur Raise - 2007-09-18
      Global positioning systems are widely in use today for navigation, map making, land surveying fishing, treks, and many scientific applications. GPS receivers can be incorporated into cars, boats, comp...
    • 5.

      Communication, Gps systems: The Satellite navigation system

      by DYLAN AMELIA - 2007-12-19
      GPS stands for Global Positioning System and it can pinpoint longitude and latitude and deliver that information to a GPS receiver. GPS is becoming a part of our everyday life. If you buy a new ...
    • 6.

      3 Tips on Installing a Car Navigation System

      by Christy Myers - 2008-06-21
      Based on the function, different types of navigation system use.The plug and play, remote and in-dash software use to navigate the car. The GPS Company provides detail instruction about the installat...
    • 7.

      A Different Type Of Blog

      by Sheezaym - 2008-06-29
      Stevie's Unique Shopping Mall really lives up to the it's name. This site offers more than just the usual fare of Amazon and Ebay merchandise. Stevie's Unique Shopping Mall offers a wide range of prod...
    • 8.

      Communication, GPS: An Innovative Means To Determine Position Of Objects

      by andrena markley - 2008-07-14
      The GPS is a navigational technology used to track the position of moving objects. The technology has been exhaustively used for surveying places and for determining the position of objects at res...
    • 9.

      Electronics, The Many Uses Of GPS

      by STEVEN LANCEY - 2008-08-20
      GPS is more than a handy device for your car, it is also an ingredient product in the scientific study of earthquakes, and synchronization of telecommunications networks. The GPS (Global P...
    • 10.

      Communication, Make GPS Your Fishing Partner

      by STEVEN LANCEY - 2008-08-24
      Whether on land or sailing the waves in today's word, a GPS device is necessity. In today's world, you would be hard pressed to find a fishing boat without some sort of fish finding gadget...