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    • 1.

      Fix Your Golf Slice By Squaring Your Stance

      by Dave Powell - 2006-12-28
      A golf slice is a very demoralising shot that can destroy a golfers scorecard. Slicing the ball is the most common fault that the average golfer is affected by. It can also be the most annoying proble...
    • 2.

      Cure Golf Slice Problems With Simple Drills

      by Dave Powell - 2006-12-28
      A golfer can often cure golf slice problems in a short period of time with the help of a couple of simple drills that are designed to quickly get their swing onto the correct path. To cure golf slice ...
    • 3.

      Ball Impact On A Club Face Could Give You Much Information To Your Problem

      by Robert Petrucci - 2007-01-02
      I would like to discuss today how a ball impact creates tremendous slices or hooks according to your actual swing. Every time you miss your sweet spot (the center of the club face) by 1/2 inch to the ...
    • 4.

      3 Quick Ways To Correct Golf Slice Shots

      by Dave Powell - 2007-01-02
      Finding a way to correct golf slice shots is probably the most common and sort after piece of advice searched for by amateur golfers. The weak and inaccurate ball-flight of a sliced shot has ruined ma...
    • 5.

      Golf Ball Compression

      by Robert Petrucci - 2007-02-08
      Why is it so important even for amateur's golfers?Many golfers who plays around 5-10 games per year do not realize the importance of a golf ball. Some of them think that it will not make any differenc...
    • 6.

      Relation Between Amateur And Professional Golfer

      by Robert Petrucci - 2007-03-01
      Is there a relation between an amateur golfer and a professional?The most important one is: Respect as much as possible the rules but most essential, for my opinion, it is the fairway.An amateur gol...
    • 7.

      Slope - Is It Really Important For An Amateur Golfer?

      by Robert Petrucci - 2007-03-05
      What is a slope?As per the USGA the slope Rating is a number ranging from 55 minimum to 155 maximum that represents the difficulty of a course cause by length, obstacles, altitude, bunkers, water, eve...
    • 8.

      How To Stop Slicing Your Golf Shot!

      by Dean Caporella - 2007-03-05
      Not much has changed in the game of golf during the last 30 years as far as the basic golf swing is concerned. Early on, the golf slice was dominating my game and was one area I really wanted to impro...
    • 9.

      Golf - 3 Simple Tips To Easily Improve Your Golf Swing

      by James Hegarty - 2007-04-10
      In the world of golf there are many tips for golfers regarding the golf swing. These tips can go from people on the golf course, to friends and even family and relatives. The fact remains that there a...
    • 10.

      Golf Shoes - The Most Important Factor For Golf Success

      by Michael Mullen - 2007-04-09
      Golf is a rapidly growing sport whose popularity is exploding. A lot of people want to get in on the game and immediately become the next Tiger Woods. If you want to get into the game of golf and a...