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    • 1.

      Animals Rule in Children's Literature: Frogs and Caterpillars and Bears - Oh My!

      by Chris Robertson - 2006-12-30
      From very hungry caterpillars and penguins for every day of the year to the Kingdom of Frogavia, animals rule in children's literature. Whether used to teach numbers, colors, or more subtle lessons of...
    • 2.

      Fishing Lures - Artificial Frog Review

      by Dean Carl - 2007-02-22
      Every tackle box usually has an interesting assortment of artificial lures to choose from. Mine is no different than anyone else's I suppose, as it has more colors and shapes and sizes inside than I e...
    • 3.

      Care for Your Giant Green Iguana

      by Dane Stanton - 2007-02-22
      So you're here looking for tips on how to care for your Giant Green Iguana so you have purchased one or are hoping to purchase one. There are some things you definitely need to know before setting ou...
    • 4.

      Aggressive Iguana Behavior

      by Trevor Albinez - 2007-02-26
      An iguana is a fascinating lizard pet that when handled properly and gently from the time they are received, are not aggressive at all. When an iguana does show aggression he shows signs of fight or ...
    • 5.

      Shoeing Horses the Wrong Way, How it Destroys

      by John Silveira - 2007-03-18
      Owning a horse is a huge responsibility. One of the most important issues of ownership is the prevention of lameness. If your horse comes up permanently lame the fun is over. Vet bills, therapy, waste...
    • 6.

      And Found: 24 New Wild Species

      by Subhash - 2007-06-12
      A FROG with fluorescent purple markings and 12 kinds of dung beetles are among two dozen new species discovered in the remote plateaus of eastern Suriname, scientists said. The expedition was sponsore...
    • 7.

      Feng Shui your Life

      by Leo Velloz - 2007-07-01
      An ancient Chinese art of placement, Feng Shui translates as ‘wind-water'. This science balances the five elements - earth, metal, water, wood and fire, correcting the flow of energy in your e...
    • 8.

      Who's Tough Enough To Eat A Sea Spider?

      by Yank Elliott - 2008-06-17
      Rather than "Who's Tough Enough to Eat a Sea Spider?" you need to know what a sea spider is.They have been around for millions of years, but live in an environment not often in contact with humans. Vo...
    • 9.

      Amphibian Extinction May First Claim the Frog

      by James William Smith - 2008-07-20
      Many of us grew up watching friendly Kermit the Frog on a television show called Sesame Street. Certainly, we can remember reading the fairy tale of the frog that turns into a handsome prince after r...
    • 10.

      The Difficulty of Finding Great Gecko Names

      by Ling Tong - 2008-08-09
      A gecko is a mid size lizard that belongs to the Gekkonidae family. These animals live in warm climates. There are approximately twelve hundred species of geckos around the world. Today people are be...