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    • 1.

      Fluid in the Ear: Short Term Pain, Long Term Hearing Problems?

      by George McKenzie - 2007-02-23
      Statistics tell us that almost all parents have heard a doctor say, "Your child has fluid in the ear" at least once before the child is four years old.Serous otitis media, or middle ear fluid, sta...
    • 2.

      Fluid Reality Allows Change Of Past And Future

      by Enoch Tan - 2007-04-11
      When you are not aware of something that no other humans are aware of either, then that portion of your environment becomes fluid, much like an unobserved particle becomes a wave function, an enfolded...
    • 3.

      Sports Articles - Beat the Heat

      by SANDRA PRIOR - 2009-08-01
      ‘When it's hot, I drink at least two more cups of water than usual,' says marathon runner Robert McLane. If you're going out early, ‘hydrate throughout the day before,' says Aaron Runyon. The rule...
    • 4.

      Ten Ways A Runner Can Feel The Burn

      by fin2000 - 2010-06-01
      DehydrationYou're parched, your mouth is full of cotton balls, and your heart races. Plain and simple: You've lost too much fluid. Drink. Water is best to quench the thirst, but drink what you crave.H...