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    • 1.

      10 Reasons for Seniors to Exercise

      by Dr.Lanny Schaffer - 2006-12-12
      It's no secret that our bodies change as we age. Some changes are obvious, while others are more subtle. Many people age comfortably and remain active, alert and vibrant while others experience the ef...
    • 2.

      5 Components of Physical Fitness

      by Karen L Skidmore - 2006-12-29
      The 5 components of physical fitness are often used in our school systems, health clubs and fitness centers to gauge how good a shape we are truly in. The 5 components that make up total fitness are:C...
    • 3.

      Case Study: Reno & Cavanaugh Redefines the Law Firm Work Culture

      by Mark Harbeke - 2007-01-03
      When most people think of a law firm, they do not think of a workplace with a great deal of flexibility built in for its attorneys, paralegals and support staff. In fact, most people, including those ...
    • 4.

      Top 10 Reasons People Seek Massage Therapy

      by John Rasch - 2007-01-09
      Most of us are aware that therapeutic massage feels amazing; but massage also provides relief to a multitude of specific health concerns. Therapeutic massage has been proven beneficial in reducing mus...
    • 5.

      New Mortgage Refinance Quote offers more flexibility

      by Christopher Carter - 2007-01-12
      Within the past several years, the housing market in the U.S. has been booming. Home owners have watched their home equity grow as housing prices have soared high. In several areas in the US, home...
    • 6.

      Stretching - How to Stretch and Gain The Flexibility You Had in Your Youth

      by Kip Franks Jr. - 2007-01-24
      All About StretchingAs a martial artist as well as a fitness consultant, I know the benefits of stretching and I can see what poor stretching habits can do to someone who doesn't take the time to prop...
    • 7.

      Stretch to Grow!

      by Brian Gurneak - 2007-01-24
      As a muscle building expert, I am often asked when is the best time to stretch and if stretching is important.Let's talk about timing first. I would tell you the Absolute BEST time to stretch is betw...
    • 8.

      Medicine Ball Training Makes A Comeback

      by Robert Palmer - 2007-01-29
      The term "Medicine Ball" is derived from it's early use in rehabilitation programs and hospitals. It was briefly popular in physical education and sports programs, then seemed to lose it's app...
    • 9.

      Best Stretching Exercises For Flexibility

      by Joey Atlas - 2007-02-06
      Lower back stiffness and pain, tightness in the neck and shoulders, general muscle aches and tight leg muscles are conditions that affect millions of people, from sedentary couch potatoes to elite ath...
    • 10.

      Breathing and Flexibility Training at Your Desk

      by Danna Schneider - 2007-02-06
      Do you have a desk job? I do, and many times sitting all day can really take a physical toll on the body, making us more tired, and less apt to working out or getting the physical activity that our b...