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    • 1.

      Everything you Wanted to Know About Array Bad Credit Repair

      by Mark Henry - 2006-12-19
      It may not be possible to provide you with everything you wanted to know about credit repair in this brief article, but here we attempt to give you the do-it-yourself basics and the facts about the ma...
    • 2.

      Credit Repair Tips

      by Jmark Henry - 2006-12-23
      A list of ten credit repair tips follows. This is by no means a complete list, maybe just enough to get you started.Credit Repair Tip #1 Look for free information before you buy anything. Did you know...
    • 3.

      Collection Agency Tricks

      by Roberto Bell - 2007-04-25
      Debt collection agencies often use trickery and dishonesty in order to get your money. While it is understandable that they want to get paid you should know the truth about your rights. If you are awa...
    • 4.

      4 Quick Tips To Fix Bad Credit

      by Lorna Goldsborough - 2007-05-11
      More and more people today are learning just how stressful it can be to live with debt or bad credit, but there are ways in which a person can actually fix bad credit without having to resort us...
    • 5.

      Finance & Investment, Delete Bankruptcy from Credit History

      by JOHN-ROBIN MIDDLEBROOK - 2008-01-12
      Erase Bad Credit Permanently at Credit-Report-Repair.Us I want to offer you a reliable program to erase bad credit. If you have bad credit it's possible that every single day it shows u...
    • 6.

      Credit Card Debt Programs Can Be Helpful

      by Christina Costa - 2008-09-16
      If you are looking for ways to get out of credit card debt, you are not alone. Now more than ever credit is being offered to people and it is very easy to fall far into debt before you even realize i...
    • 7.

      Finding the Right Credit Repair Company

      by Christina Costa - 2008-09-16
      If you have decided to fix your bad credit, there are credit repair companies that can help. This is a big decision and not one you should take lightly. On average, a credit repair company will charg...
    • 8.

      Learn How to Find the Perfect Secured Card

      by Tom Tessin - 2008-09-17
      If you're like the thousands of Americans that are in debt, you may find it hard to find the perfect way to start rebuilding your credit. From books or programs that end up being a scam, I can see wh...
    • 9.

      Credit Repair: How to Undo the Damage

      by Chane Steiner - 2008-10-15
      With appropriate measures and the right information, you can repair your credit rating and increase your credit scores. This one fact, however, is only half the battle. Because there is so much misin...
    • 10.

      Fix Bad Credit Reports - Tips and Techniques

      by Eddie Delgado - 2008-10-16
      Once you get familiar with your bad credit report repair processes and services, then you can easily start fixing your bad credit rating. After you make up your mind to fix your bad credit, there are...