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    • 11.

      Recipes For People That Have Allergies

      by Jack Sands - 2008-08-06
      A food allergy is a type of immunologic reaction due to intake of certain food protein. Recent studies show that there are about twelve millions Americans who suffer from food allergies. Shellfish, eg...
    • 12.

      Changing The Way You Eat

      by Jack Sands - 2008-08-06
      As you may know, not fueling up with the right nutrients can affect how well your body performs and your overall fitness benefits. Even though healthy eating is important, there are myths that hinder ...
    • 13.

      Eating Barley For Nutrition

      by Jack Sands - 2008-08-06
      Barley is stated by historians to be the oldest of all cultivated grains. It seems to have been the principal bread plant among the ancient Hebrews, Greeks, and Romans. The Jews especially held the gr...
    • 14.

      Choosing The Right Foods

      by Jack Sands - 2008-08-06
      Eating healthy is something we all would like to do, although it can be hard. In order to eat healthy, you must first make the right food choices. Eating healthy is all about what you eat, which makes...
    • 15.

      How To Make Fruit Cocktails

      by Jack Sands - 2008-08-06
      Cocktails made of a combination of fruits are often served as the first course of a meal, usually a luncheon or a dinner, to precede the soup course. In warm weather, they are an excellent substitute ...
    • 16.

      Stop Eating Foods That Causes Acid Reflux

      by Jack Sands - 2008-08-06
      Problems in the digestive system should not be neglected. There are different possible digestive system disorders or diseases that are most often neglected by many people. The most common digestive pr...
    • 17.

      A Couple Of Salmon Recipes

      by Jack Sands - 2008-08-13
      Boiled salmon.-------------- Ingredients:- 6 oz. of salt to each gallon of water, sufficient water to cover the fish. Mode:- Scale and clean the fish, and be particular that no blood is left inside; l...
    • 18.

      Knowling Importance Of Food Elements

      by Jack Sands - 2008-08-13
      The purposes of food are to promote growth, to supply force and heat, and to furnish material to repair the waste which is constantly taking place in the body. Every breath, every thought, every motio...
    • 19.

      Cooking For Yourself And That Special Someone

      by Jack Sands - 2008-08-22
      Whether you are cooking for two out of a sense of romance or necessity you will find that there are many resources online and off when it comes to finding the perfect combinations for those terrific t...
    • 20.

      Americans Doing Italian Cooking

      by Jack Sands - 2008-08-28
      Most of us have found some sort of Italian cuisine that has become a favorite for our families and ourselves. Unfortunately, far too many of us discount the possibility of bringing Italian cooking int...