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  • fire alarm

    • 1.

      Search Tips - Hard To Find Parts For Low Voltage Life Safety Systems

      by Mike Wong - 2006-12-01
      Anyone who has tried to locate a part for a low voltage life safety knows it's true: It's nearly impossible to try to find parts to repair life safety systems that are no longer being manufactured. (L...
    • 2.

      Home Fire Alarms - How to Protect Your Home

      by Tatyana Turner - 2007-01-25
      Does your house have a modern fire alarm? Are you sure it is working? If your alarm is old or you don't have it at all, it is time to get yourself one. Fire alarms are inexpensive, simple to mainta...
    • 3.

      Top Ten House Alarm and Home Security Devices

      by John Leo - 2007-08-22
      A man's home is his castle, as the saying goes. But homes today don't normally feature ramparts, drawbridges, moats and six-foot thick stone walls to keep out unwanted visitors. Today, a home security...
    • 4.

      Essential Home Security and Home Alarm Components

      by John Leo - 2007-08-22
      The home is a man's castle is often spoken. But modern homes are not constructed with moats, seven foot thick stone walls, drawbridges or ramparts to prevent unwanted intruders from entering a m...
    • 5.

      Save Money - Use Solid Bare Copper Conductor Alarm Cable

      by John Leo - 2007-11-29
      Due to increased international demand from countrys like China and India the price of commoditiy items has skyrocketed in recent years. This rise in costs is especially evident in the metals commodit...
    • 6.

      Get Your Residential Fire Alarm Box Today

      by Rex Magnum - 2008-07-11
      It's been getting more and more the rage to have a home security system involved in homes everywhere. In fact, many new homes are coming already equipped with them. Your fire alarm box needs to be loc...
    • 7.

      Advantages Of A Fire Alarm Company

      by Rex Magnum - 2008-07-11
      The days of the fire alarm company only dealing with fire alarms are long gone. Today's fire alarm company generally offers bundles of services which may include fire alarms, home monitoring, anti-the...
    • 8.

      Fire Protection Equipment And How They Keep You Protected

      by Brian Ayling - 2009-01-13
      Fire protection equipment are introduced in the marketplace to be able to distinguish the various types for selective classification of fires. Based on the studies of the government information, each ...
    • 9.

      Why Fire Engineering Is Important For Your Safety?

      by Brian Ayling - 2009-01-13
      Fire engineering applies both science and engineering principles to guard the public and their surroundings from the harsh consequence of fire and smoke. There are various regulations of fire protecti...
    • 10.

      Why Fire Alarms Are Important

      by Brian Ayling - 2009-04-30
      Probably one of the worst disasters that could ever strike is a fire. It's the type of accident that is very subtle; it can start from a very small source and gain momentum very fast. Worst of all fir...