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    • 1.

      Here's How to Fix Any Diet Slip-Up

      by Robin Boddy - 2006-12-01
      So, you splurged on that piece (or two) of chocolate cake or overdid at the buffet table? You think your diet plan is ruined, so why bother? To get back on track with ease, here are some timely tips.B...
    • 2.

      Boosting Metabolism

      by John Furnem - 2006-12-19
      Some are just much luckier than we are. In this body-conscious world, it is important to have an ideal body that can standout, not by way of course, of being too large.There are always good ways to ma...
    • 3.

      The Ultimate Fitness and Fat Burning Plan Part 1

      by Leon Cruz - 2006-12-20
      There are many great fitness and training programs out there, but I would like to touch upon what makes an Ultimate Fitness program.The advise I am going to share with you here is information that I h...
    • 4.

      Fat-Burning Techniques: How To Obliterate Obesity With New Fitness Equipment

      by Rika Susan - 2006-12-20
      Fat-burning techniques and fitness equipment technology have become so advanced that obesity may very well become a thing of the past. The main missing component is that of a willing, moving spirits!W...
    • 5.

      Ways to Burn Fat + Lose Weight

      by Chris Chenoweth - 2006-12-22
      As we age, our bodies become less effective at burning fat because our metabolism slows down. When this happens, our body stores the excess calories as fat. What are some of the things we can do to ke...
    • 6.

      Tummy Fat

      by Mason Grae - 2007-01-09
      Tummy fat, or belly fat, is the constant reminder of the battle of weight gain and fat storage for many people. It is another reason why so many diets fail and people give up on the battle against fa...
    • 7.

      Murder on the Track

      by Geoff Kalmbach - 2007-01-09
      One of the single greatest ways to burn calories and get a great body is sprinting. Please keep in mind that walking, jogging, running and sprinting are all separate activities and place different dem...
    • 8.

      The Right Diet for You

      by Chris Chenoweth - 2007-01-14
      Because there are so many different diet options available on the market today, it is extremely difficult to find a healthy diet plan right for you. Some plans force you to limit your carbohydrate int...
    • 9.

      Top Ten Fat Burning Foods

      by Todd Pliss - 2007-01-14
      TOP TEN FAT BURNING FOODSIf you're like most Americans, you have either been on a diet or are currently on a diet. As you may have already learned, crash diets - those extremely low-calorie diets wher...
    • 10.

      Tummy Fat - It's A Good Thing!

      by Mason Grae - 2007-01-21
      Tummy Fat! It seems that it's the first thing we see when we look in the mirror. Tummy fat causes that bad feeling when you're trying to buckle that belt or zip up those Levis. It's why many feel s...