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    • 1.

      Poor Pitiful Graves, I Think of You Often

      by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen - 2006-12-11
      A poem about regret and sadness.Sometimes we look back and realize we did not know someone at all, or is it that we did not know our own selves? Every experience or friendship we have had, has a less...
    • 2.

      The Beauty and Grace of Flower Fairies

      by Morgan Hamilton - 2006-11-08
      Among the legendary creatures that have helped shaped our imagination as children are fairies. My daughter began her fascination with after receiving a gift from her grandmother. She gave her a story ...
    • 3.

      Fablehaven Rise of the Evening Star - Book Review

      by Heather Froeschl - 2007-03-18
      Fablehaven Rise of the Evening Star by Brandon Mull ISBN-10: 1590387643 Release Date May 2007When the world needs protection, and magical beings are at risk, the power of youth is called into action. ...
    • 4.

      Oh Legend of Pegasus - My Muse - My Captain - My Elusive Mentor

      by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen - 2007-03-21
      It is elusive; creativity. I am often frustrated just like any other poet or artist."I felt so inspired yesterday. what happened to today?"Is that you as well?So alas, feeling that lack of something ...
    • 5.

      The Mythology Of Lyonesse

      by Kirsten Jones - 2007-04-11
      Residing on the south- westerly tip of the United Kingdom, Cornwall stands sublime and majestic amidst the turbulent waters of the Atlantic. It is a land rich in mystery, folklore, myth and legend. Fo...
    • 6.

      I believe in angels ' and fairies and mermaids

      by Elsabe Smit - 2008-04-29
      Have you ever seen a real fairy? Or a giant, or a dwarf, or a troll, or a mermaid, or an angel? No? Then that means they do not exist, right?If you have never been to Africa, would you be able to i...
    • 7.

      Faeries, Aliens

      by Larry Christopher - 2008-07-08
      Tales of Otherworlds are almost universal in folklore and myth. There is not space to recount all of them, but today there has been a renewed interest in tales from the British Isles and Scandinavia,...
    • 8.

      The Gift of Fairy Magic

      by John Hill - 2008-10-05
      Throughout the world, fairies are known for their timeless beauty and powerful magical gifts. Fairies are believed to be descended from supernatural beings from another world that came to this earth ...
    • 9.

      Fairies: The Bold and the Beautiful

      by John Hill - 2008-10-19
      The myths and legends of fairies are as plenteous as the sands of the sea. The stories passed down from generation to generation speak of magical beings of untold power, mystery and beauty. Many wond...
    • 10.

      Blogs, Dream Dancer

      by ATHENA ALEXA - 2009-03-06
      The night has always called him, A dream within a dream, In the vastness of space and time, He gazes into tomorrow, Through the darkness of the midnight forest, He sees the memories of...