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  • facts about obesity

    • 11.

      Tips On How To Diet The Healthy Way

      by Jackie Serta - 2008-09-19
      When it comes to dieting you will find all kinds of crazy and faddish diets on the market today. In addition to the many diets there seems to be every kind of diet aid you can imagine. From shakes the...
    • 12.

      Losing Weight Naturally

      by Jackie Serta - 2008-09-25
      Eat right, keep moving. You just have read all that you need to know about how to prevent being overweight. That simple set of instructions should be easy to follow, but not for 35% of Americans who a...
    • 13.

      Water Ionizers And The Ph Miracle Diet

      by Jackie Serta - 2008-10-03
      The pH miracle diet is a revolutionary new program for restoring balance to the body. By eating foods and drinks that are mostly alkaline, you remove the negative effects of acidic foods. People who h...
    • 14.

      How The Ph Miracle Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

      by Jackie Serta - 2008-10-20
      One of the biggest benefits of the pH miracle diet is weight loss. Many people have turned to this diet to lose weight as well as to improve their overall level of health The pH miracle diet is very e...
    • 15.

      The Critics Of The Ph Miracle Diet

      by Jackie Serta - 2008-10-20
      When something becomes popular, it invites criticism from other sources. The recently popular pH miracle diet is no different. As the program has gained followers, it has gained just as much criticism...
    • 16.

      Making A Weight Loss Plan For Yourself

      by Jackie Serta - 2008-11-20
      Are you interested in losing weight? If you are, you may have been told to create your own weight loss plan. Weight loss plans, which serve as guides and motivation for many individuals, have been kno...