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    • 61.

      Scrubs (clothing)

      by dresscloth - 2008-10-15
      Scrubs are the shirts and trousers or gowns worn by nurses, surgeons, and other operating room personnel when "scrubbing in" for surgery. The wearing of scrubs has been extended outside of surgery in...
    • 62.


      by dresscloth - 2008-10-16
      Breeches are an item of male clothing covering the body from the waist down, with separate coverings for each leg, usually stopping just below the knee, though in some cases reaching to the ankles. T...
    • 63.

      Apollo/skylab A7l

      by dresscloth - 2008-10-17
      The A7L Apollo & Skylab spacesuit is the primary pressure suit worn by NASA astronauts for Project Apollo, the three manned Skylab flights, and the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project between 1968 and the term...
    • 64.

      Top Hat

      by dresscloth - 2008-10-17
      For the movie starring Fred Astaire, see Top Hat. For the theatrical lighting device, see Top hat (lighting). For the top hat roller coaster element, see Roller coaster elements. corset gownsA top ha...
    • 65.

      Bowler Hat

      by dresscloth - 2008-10-17
      The bowler hat, also known as a derby (US) or billycock[1], is a hard felt hat with a rounded crown originally created in 1849 for Edward Coke, the younger brother of the 2nd Earl of Leicester. The b...
    • 66.


      by dresscloth - 2008-10-19
      Adidas Ltd. AG is a major German sports apparel manufacturer and part of the Adidas Group, which consists of Reebok sportswear company, TaylorMade-adidas golf company, and Rockport. Besides sports fo...
    • 67.


      by dresscloth - 2008-10-19
      In footwear and fashion, flip-flops (also known as thongs, jandals, slippers, or pluggers) are a flat, backless, usually rubber sandal consisting of a flat sole held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped...
    • 68.

      Ruby Slippers

      by dresscloth - 2008-10-19
      The ruby slippers are the magical shoes worn by Dorothy (played by Judy Garland) in the 1939 MGM movie The Wizard of Oz. In the film, Dorothy acquires the slippers after her house falls on and kills ...
    • 69.

      Pointe Shoes

      by dresscloth - 2008-10-19
      Pointe shoes, also incorrectly referred to as toe shoes, are a special type of shoe used by ballet dancers for pointework. They developed from the desire to appear weightless and sylph-like onstage a...
    • 70.

      Lover (clothing)

      by dresscloth - 2008-10-19
      Lover is an Australian fashion label launched in 2001 by designers Susien Chong and Nic Briand. Lover have "managed to garner praise from Vogue to Vice Magazine".The label has risen to prominence in ...