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    • 1.

      Understand What Smoking Does To You

      by Steven Cancel - 2008-05-17
      As an author I am assuming by reading this article you have an understanding that smoking is generally bad for your health. However, do you really know how bad smoking is for you? Do you understand ...
    • 2.

      Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

      by Jonathan Drake - 2008-07-11
      Like many smokers out there you have probably been hearing about a recent invention called an electronic cigarette. You're probably skeptical of nicotine products that claim to be safer than traditio...
    • 3.

      Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?

      by Jonathan Drake - 2008-09-10
      Since 2006, the electronic cigarette has attracted millions of people around the world who have switched from traditional cigarettes to the e-cigarette, also referred to as the "safe cigarette, the e...
    • 4.

      How Do Electronic Cigarettes Compare To The Real Thing?

      by Jonathan Drake - 2008-09-23
      Most resistance from smokers of regular tobacco-based cigarettes comes from the fact they believe the so-called smoke-less, or electronic cigarettes, won't taste the same. Truth is, the electronic ci...
    • 5.

      Do Electronic Cigarettes Really Work - A Review

      by Jonathan Drake - 2008-09-30
      Since the late 1990s, with the advent of so-called electronic cigarette, manufactures have striven to create the best tasting, similar feeling smokeless cigarette. At the forefront, e-cigarettes is o...
    • 6.

      The Search For Chemical Free Cigarettes

      by Sharon Sharon - 2008-11-06
      Let's face it - tobacco was popular long before cigarettes existed, and it has only increased in popularity with the widespread availability of tobacco products. Today's smokers, however, have a much ...
    • 7.

      Smoke Electronic Cigarette To Avoid Smoking Bans

      by Sharon Sharon - 2008-11-21
      The Search for Chemical Free CigarettesLet's face it - tobacco was popular long before cigarettes existed, and it has only increased in popularity with the widespread availability of tobacco products....
    • 8.

      Menthol Electronic Cigarette Refill - Enjoy A Healthier And Happeir Life Now!

      by Drago Marx - 2009-05-22
      Many folks in the United States still do not know what the electronic cigarettes is or even tricks it works. More importantly there do a lot of of usout there that are smoking a lot of packs of cigare...
    • 9.

      Health Articles - Don't say no to smoking with E Cigarette

      by ABDUL VASI - 2009-06-04
      Despite of the constant efforts it has been observed that many people who are addicted to smoking are not easily able to get rid of this hazardous addiction and the universal fact that smoking is inju...
    • 10.

      Electric Cigarettes Bring Huge Satisfaction To Smokers

      by Jonah Jameson - 2010-02-14
      The old saying that the customer is always right is one that the big tobacco corporations have very much forgotten. With high rising prices, and more and more smokers complaining about how their frien...