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    • 21.

      Health, Which Lift Chair is Best for You?

      by I C - 2007-11-24
      There are so many different styles and sizes of lift chairs that it may be confusing deciding which one would be the very best for your needs. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and styl...
    • 22.

      Health, How to Choose an Adjustable Bed

      by I C - 2007-11-24
      Deciding to get an adjustable bed is only the beginning; the main task of choosing one is arduous if the buyer is not well versed with what is available in the market. The first thing to understa...
    • 23.

      Ride Your Scooter Faster and Longer. Simple Care Techniques to Extend the Life of Your Scooter

      by Derek Cladek - 2008-05-30
       Both the electric scooter line and the kick scooter line from Razor can reach some pretty good speeds. There are a lot of ways to keep your scooter riding faster for longer. Your scooter can have a ...
    • 24.

      What is a Mobility Scooter?

      by Robert - 2008-06-11
      Mobility scooters are similar to wheelchairs in the service that they provide. Mobility scooters are personal movement devices that carry a seated individual. They allow you to go places, like shoppin...
    • 25.

      Travel Scooters and Independence

      by Robert - 2008-06-11
      Almost everyone loves traveling. This includes going places like Disney World, the Grand Canyon, or just visiting family. If you are mobility challenged and have difficulty walking though, these types...
    • 26.

      Mobility Scooters: New or Used?

      by Robert - 2008-06-11
      People who are mobility challenged often find that a mobility scooter can greatly increase their mobility and restore their independence. There are several options for purchasing a mobility scooter. Y...
    • 27.

      Different Kinds of Mobility Scooters

      by Robert - 2008-06-11
      If you have difficulty walking, whether due to age, muscular disease, or arthritis, you may benefit from a mobility scooter. Mobility scooters are personal mobility vehicles that transport a seated in...
    • 28.

      Getting Ready For A Mobility Scooter

      by Roberto Bell - 2008-06-11
      Mobility scooters are used by many people who have difficulty walking. They can greatly increase your ability to independently and freely move around. With all the many types and models of mobility sc...
    • 29.

      Mobility Scooter Background

      by Roberto Bell - 2008-06-11
      Those who suffer from health problems and issues that affect their mobility often have trouble walking and moving. This makes it very difficult to go to the store, the mall, or other areas that requir...
    • 30.

      Is a Travel Scooter Right for You?

      by Robert - 2008-06-11
      There are many names for a mobility scooter. Some simply refer to them as electric scooters. They are also frequently called adult scooters or adult electric scooters. No matter what they are called, ...