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    • 11.

      Electric guitars review

      by Anne Tide - 2007-10-04
      Musical instruments are classified by the way they produce sounds. However, there are some problems with such classifications, as questions like this "Is a piano a stringed instrument or a percu...
    • 12.

      Guitar Volume Pedal: An Important Guitar Accessory

      by Victor Epand - 2007-11-08
      Guitar volume pedal helps to control the volume of guitar and is an important component of guitar effect accessories. It helps deliver many effects.Some of these pedals are stated below:- High Gain Vo...
    • 13.

      Popular Types Of Guitars

      by Victor Epand - 2007-11-29
      The list for popular types of guitars can be endless. Guitars come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and types. There are acoustic guitars, electric acoustic guitars, semi hollow guitars, electric...
    • 14.

      Era Of Electronic Effects

      by Victor Epand - 2007-11-29
      This is an era of technical and scientific advancement. Everybody wants to make maximum use of technology. Like all other things, music is also becoming technology oriented. And that is why every musi...
    • 15.

      The History of the Electric Guitar

      by Paul Smith - 2007-11-28
      When most people think of electric guitars, they think of rock music. But electric guitars are more versatile than you'd think. You can find them in jazz, blues, country music, New-Age compos...
    • 16.

      Guitars, Bridges And The Whammy Bar

      by Victor Epand - 2008-07-10
      The bridge is a part found on an acoustic guitar, the purpose of which is to act as a way of transferring the vibrations from the strings as they are plucked or strummed, to the soundboard itself. The...
    • 17.

      What are the Basics of Buying Electric Guitars?

      by Peter Clark - 2008-07-13
      Just about every kid ever born wants to be a rock star. They see their favorite stars up there on stage playing the electric guitar to a crowd and want to do the same. Problem is, it's not easy learn...
    • 18.

      I Want To Buy An Electric Guitar. Where Do I Start?

      by Peter Clark - 2008-07-15
      So you've wanted to be a rock star since you were a kid, (maybe you're still a kid), and you've decided that to be a rock star you need to learn to play the electric guitar. Problem is you really don...