ear candles

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  • ear candles

    • 1.

      Ear Candles -do They Really Work?

      by Christopher J - 2007-04-18
      Have you heard of candling before? It is a controversial technique also known as ear candling and also candle therapy. The "therapists", as they liked to be called, announced that this treatment was t...
    • 2.

      Find Cheap Candles Online

      by Ann Marier - 2007-04-19
      It is easy to buy cheap candles from online stores; votive or gel candles, they are at the cost-effective prices. You can purchase aromatherapy, sticks and spheres, containers and holders with many st...
    • 3.

      Beeswax Candles Are The Finest Quality You Can Buy

      by Ann Marier - 2007-04-20
      There are some very good reasons for beeswax candles manufacturers to use beeswax as a the primary matter. Though there are other variants such as soy wax or chemical products used in candle productio...
    • 4.

      Electric Candles Can Be Very Expensive But.....

      by Ann Marier - 2007-04-21
      Are you hyper-sensitive to any trace of smoke? Do you feel uncomfortable with a candle burning unsupervised in the room? Do you want to use candles outdoors without the wind blowing them off? Electric...
    • 5.

      Who Remembers The Coming Of Age Film Sixteen Candles

      by Ann Marier - 2007-04-25
      Directed by John Hughes, Sixteen Candles is the 1984 coming-of-age film that is considered one of the best 100 high-school comedies in the history of cinema. The very title of Sixteen Candles brings a...
    • 6.

      I Always Associate Scented Candles With Romance

      by Ann Marier - 2007-04-26
      Scented candles are the invention of our modern times, being used in aromatherapy and relaxation. To a certain extent, scented candles are the proof of the way necessity becomes a need for comfort ove...
    • 7.

      Re-ignite Your Love Life with Beautiful Candles this Evening

      by A. Wilsoon - 2007-04-28
      Do you miss that special touch of love that once filled your senses and invigorated your mind and body alike? Has the romance taken the backseat while family, profession and other mundane tasks occupi...
    • 8.

      How Does The Wholesale Candle System Really Work?

      by Ann Marier - 2007-04-29
      It is well-known that producers who use the wholesale candle marketing promotion type, are very often ready to launch a new line of products. The best choice is to avoid stock formation, so candle pro...
    • 9.

      Window Candles Offer Warmth Tradition And Security

      by Ann Marier - 2007-04-30
      Many people think that window candles show style and refinement, but they very often ignore or simply don't know the window candle tradition. It is true that its long history back to the Colonial time...
    • 10.

      Give an 'ear' to your 'ear' problems with 'ear' candles

      by Hudson - 2007-05-09
      Our senses influence our sensibilities!Life may sound like a melodious music to the auditory sense organs if we take care of them well. Many of us keep worrying about how to get rid of the unwan...