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    • 1.

      Web Site Promotion with E-Greeting Cards

      by Kris Koonar - 2007-05-30
      Website promotion need not be boring, as many people seem to think it is. There are many ways to bring traffic to your website, which can be full of fun, both for you and your customers. For example, ...
    • 2.

      E-Card Websites Help Build That Romantic Connection

      by Kurt Schwartz - 2007-06-18
      For most relationships to flourish, it's all about connection and communication. This is especially true from the female perspective. If you're one of "those guys" who has trouble expressing his fee...
    • 3.

      E-cards Lead To Real-connections

      by Kurt Schwartz - 2007-06-20
      Having trouble communicating and connecting? You're not alone. For most relationships to flourish, it's all about connection and communication. This is especially true from the female perspective. If ...
    • 4.

      The Origins Of Step-parents' Week In The United States

      by Andrew Gibson - 2008-07-12
      Traditional families are no longer just that. The prevalence of divorce and the continued search for successful partnerships despite past failures result in what are called blended families. A blended...
    • 5.

      How Meet A Mate Week Has Evolved

      by Andrew Gibson - 2008-07-12
      In today's society the number of failed marriages is on the increase. Unfortunately the statistics on long-term relationships make extremely grim reading. More than 50% of first time marriages result ...
    • 6.

      The Importance Of National Flag Day

      by Andrew Gibson - 2008-07-12
      National Flag Day is now an important date in the American calendar and is celebrated by people sending free e-cards to one another. Among irrevocable national symbols, the flag is no doubt the most v...
    • 7.

      Why Free E-cards Are Sent On Father's Day

      by Andrew Gibson - 2008-07-12
      Unlike modern Mother's Day, which grew out of ancient springtime festivals celebrating fertility and mother goddesses, the observance of Father's Day is purely a 20th century development. It is dedica...
    • 8.

      The History Of World Juggling Day

      by Andrew Gibson - 2008-07-12
      World Juggling Day is celebrated every year to recognise the skills and dedication of jugglers all over the world. It is now observed thanks to the International Jugglers' Association. This associatio...
    • 9.

      Why The Summer Solstice Is Celebrated Around The World

      by Andrew Gibson - 2008-07-12
      The summer solstice is a fascinating astronomical event and is celebrated in many countries around the world. The solstice literally means sun standing still in Latin. While it is orbiting the Sun, th...
    • 10.

      Why Ice Cream Is Celebrated In America

      by Andrew Gibson - 2008-07-12
      The history of ice cream is lengthy and quite elaborate, though its earliest past is largely unsubstantiated. An irrefutable fact, however, is that an overwhelming 90% of Americans currently indulge i...