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    • 81.

      Three Bad Health Habits That Will Cut Your Life Short

      by Susan Patterson - 2008-10-08
      Though many habits are harmless, three in particular are the leading cause of death and tend to begin early.  Cigarette smoking and excessive drinking are a given.  Everyone knows the damage that i...
    • 82.

      Hilarious Drinking Games

      by Michael S Hutchins - 2008-10-14
      First and foremost, let me say that drinking games are really a blast! However, many people avoid playing them correctly, or make up their own rules. Avoid doing that!! When played correctly, th...
    • 83.

      Bizarre Details From Mini Me's Ex-lover

      by Alia Jocob - 2009-01-12
      Verne Troyer, the tiny yet grown-up actor most famous for his role as Mini Me in the Austin Powers movies, lives a pretty colorful life. Just ask former Playboy Playmate and ex-wife Genevieve Gallen, ...
    • 84.

      Home Improvement, What is the Best Drinking Water Purification System?

      by LARRY TAYLOR - 2009-02-10
      Which drinking water purification system that is best suited for your home depends on what you are trying to acheive. Of course, you want pure drinking water but how you get it is the choice you ...
    • 85.

      Food & Beverages, Strange Alcohol Trivia

      by JOEY PEBBLE - 2009-05-04
      The imbibing of alcoholic beverages is an integral part of many human societies. In fact some researchers believe that the first beverages that were produced by humans were alcoholic in nature, and th...
    • 86.

      Health Articles - Watered-Down Science

      by SANDRA PRIOR - 2009-06-27
      Maybe you've seen the headlines that read something like, ‘Water - A Waste of Time.' That's thanks to a recent study by University of Pennsylvania researchers. They combed through the research on wa...
    • 87.

      Self Improvement Articles - Woman on the Verge

      by SANDRA PRIOR - 2009-07-24
      Listen up if you've been using these words: 'I'm functioning fine so what's the problem?' or 'I can quit any time.' Maybe you can - but what if you can't? Being on the verge of a substance addiction i...
    • 88.

      Introduction To Wine Collecting

      by Garland Drake - 2009-12-20
      Collecting wine can be a very fun and exciting hobby - especially when you try to find the wine. If you are looking to collect wine, you may end up spending a bit more money than you thought. Wine col...
    • 89.

      Fitness Articles - Top Keys to Weight Loss

      by PAUL GUENTHER - 2010-01-08
      Current word about down mass is not forever the easiest thing to locate. Fortunately, this convey includes the latest mass hammering report unfilled. It seems like new information is discovered a...
    • 90.

      All The Options About Wedding Cakes

      by Hosea Charles - 2010-05-24
      It is time for the wedding; now for any traditional wedding it's a black tuxedo for him, a white gown for her, a multi-layered cake to accommodate for the guests, and floral bouquets to tie it all tog...