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    • 41.

      Home Improvement Articles - Exterior Doors And Energy Savings

      by S K - 2009-12-06
      Exterior doors are a main contributor to energy loss within a home. Although most homeowners are paying more attention to light bulbs and unplugging appliances, it is just as important, if not more so...
    • 42.

      Home Repair Articles - Exterior Doors: Giving Them A Facelift

      by S K - 2009-12-06
      Exterior doors are an important part of any home's overall appeal. If your exterior door is in good condition but it is looking worn or dated, you may be able to give it a fast facelift. This is a gre...
    • 43.

      Home Improvement Articles - Garage Doors Come in a Variety of Styles

      by ANNA WOODWARD - 2010-07-13
      Regardless of what a house looks like or what style it is built in there are a multitude of designs for garage doors. More than a cursory thought should be taken when determining which of the man...
    • 44.

      Choosing And Fitting The Right Doors And Door Frames

      by John A Holland - 2010-08-08
      If you are renovating an old property, re-decorating or making plans for a brand new house, choosing and fitting the right doors is an important feature of the overall look.The front door of a propert...
    • 45.

      Exterior Door Frames And The Front Door Say Much About Life

      by John A Holland - 2010-08-08
      There is nothing that says more about a house and its occupants than the quality and style of its front door and the fitment of its exterior door frames.In Britain the front door has come to signify m...
    • 46.

      Business Articles - What are the Choices for a New Garage Door?

      by MELANIE C - 2010-08-23
      There are basically three different types of garage door: - - The roll-up door. - The tilt door. - The sectional garage door. New garage doors take up 30 to 40 percent of the front...
    • 47.

      Internal Doors - An Eye-catching Addition To Home Decor

      by Dhan Dhan01 - 2010-10-04
      While considering house remodeling, there are many home owners that are on the lookout for designing internal doors. A simple object like a door cannot serve as an important security factor but also h...
    • 48.

      Spruce Your Front Door With Front Door Surrounds

      by Cole Rees - 2010-10-18
      Front door surrounds are not necessary to have for the front door of your home, but they do add a nice finishing touch to the front of your home and it's just an extra way to add a bit more decoration...
    • 49.

      The Importance Of Front Door Security

      by Cole Rees - 2010-10-18
      The importance of your home's security hinges upon your door's quality and the lock system. For that, it is very important to have your front and back doors of top quality with a latest locking system...
    • 50.

      Use Fire Seals On Fire Doors And Save Lives

      by Cole Rees - 2010-10-18
      Basically, a fire door is designed to save lives. This is the reason why there is such a big requirement of fire doors in many buildings. Fire doors are made differently to prevent smoke from seeping ...