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    • 1.

      Bringing Back Handmade Barbie Clothes

      by Adrienne Hughes - 2007-01-02
      Remember playing with dolls when you were a child? If you were like me, you had a Barbie doll or two in your toy box. Barbie was introduced in 1959 by a lady named Ruth Handler (co-founder of Mattel...
    • 2.

      Paper Dolls Retain Timeless Appeal

      by Tania Penwell - 2007-01-16
      Diamonds may be a woman's best friend, but a little girl's best friend is definitely her doll. While dolls are usually associated with girls, paper dolls are made and collected by young and old alike ...
    • 3.

      A Bratz Slumber Birthday Party

      by Gail Leino - 2007-01-31
      Ask any 6-12-year-old girl to what do the names Jasmin, Sasha, Jade, and Cloe refer, and you will undoubtedly get the same answer: Bratz. Bratz are a set of dolls with attitude. For many years Barbie ...
    • 4.

      Lilydoll reinventing the rag doll

      by Robert Palmer - 2007-02-19
      Dolls have been the favorite playmates of little girls throughout all of recorded history. The first forms of these toys were most likely made from easy to find materials like wood or clay. Dolls...
    • 5.

      Lilydoll, Riding The Rag Doll Revolution

      by Robert Palmer - 2007-02-28
      Dolls have been a cherished part of cultures worldwide for centuries and possibly throughout all of human civilization. As toys or as collectibles, dolls are beautiful and charming companions for ...
    • 6.

      Doll Repair: Common Problems and How to Fix Them

      by Katharine Swan - 2007-03-08
      Not all doll repairs are difficult and time-consuming endeavors. Some repairs can be made quickly and don't require extensive knowledge of doll repair. See below for a few examples of common problem...
    • 7.

      Vintage Dolls And Collecting - Are Your Childhood Keepsakes Worth Money?

      by Katharine Swan - 2007-03-12
      Most of us went through a period of spring-cleaning as we got older, where we threw out all of the toys that we were "too old for" anymore. If you're lucky, your mother (or just your good sense) kept...
    • 8.

      25 Years of Doll Collecting

      by Jayne Cremasco - 2007-04-10
      The past 25 years have seen tremendous changes in the collectible doll industry. Until that time, collectors only had antique dolls, or newer children's dolls to add to their collections. As there wer...
    • 9.

      Have A Doll To Sell?

      by Jayne Cremasco - 2007-05-07
      Have you decided to thin out your doll collection, or perhaps you have inherited an antique doll from a family member that you wish to liquidate. What ever the reason, many people really do not know w...
    • 10.

      How to Crochet Slinky Coils for Accessories or Dolls

      by Karensvariety - 2007-05-09
      Coils are easy to crochet and can be used to make many different accessories and toys. Remember those cute toy dolls with arms and legs like springs.Different yarns produce different sizes of co...