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    • 1.

      7 Tips For House Training A Dog

      by Tim Lee - 2006-12-04
      You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but you can teach him to recall stuff he learned. It's like riding a bike. Once you know how to do it and even though you haven't ridden for a long time, the min...
    • 2.

      How to Train Your Dog to Sit

      by Emma Halliday - 2007-01-21
      Training your dog to sit is a very important part of dog training and once mastered will help you when it comes to training your dog to learn other skills and tricks.Patience is the key when it comes ...
    • 3.

      Dog Grooming-7 Most Frequently Asked Dog Grooming Questions & Its Answers

      by John Rappaport - 2007-02-06
      Although it's often overlooked, grooming is an important part of your dog's health and wellness program. Here are some of the most frequently asked dog grooming questions our experts at a...
    • 4.

      Three Tips to Teach Your Dog Better Manners

      by Nathaniel Ehinger - 2007-02-15
      Do you have a troublesome dog? Does your dog sometimes acts up or doesn't know how to behave? Are you frustrated trying to teach your dog how to obey?If your dog is disobedient, meaning does not lis...
    • 5.

      Best Ways To Train Your Dog At Home With The Help Of An Experts

      by Ivana Urbanowski - 2007-02-16
      Don't waste your time and gas taking your dog to the obedience school. There are web sites available on the internet that can give you quick and easy steps on how to train your dog. Besides training t...
    • 6.

      Dog Training Tips - Rules for Dog Trainers and Dog Owners

      by Rena Murray - 2007-02-17
      Similar to other human endeavors, the success of dog training and dog behavior modification efforts involving both a dog trainer and a dog owner is dependent upon acceptance of responsibility and good...
    • 7.

      Some Tips For the Beginner Dog Trainer

      by Andrew Bicknell - 2007-02-22
      Bringing home your first puppy or dog can be a great experience. It can also be kind of overwhelming because if this is your first dog nothing can prepare you for the amount of attention and care your...
    • 8.

      Proper Correction for Dog Training

      by Noah Michael - 2007-02-27
      Correcting Your DogYou have to correct your dog the right way or you will do more harm than good. We use corrections to change a dog's behavior. A correction needs to communicate to your dog it has no...
    • 9.

      Dog Training Tips for the New Dog Owner

      by Andrew Bicknell - 2007-04-13
      Let's face it, for many people training their dog is a struggle that sooner or later leads them to just give up and let their dog do whatever he pleases. Then they ask themselves why they have such a ...
    • 10.

      Is Your Dog Behaving Badly?

      by Andrew Bicknell - 2007-05-10
      There is nothing worse as a dog owner then a dog who continually behaves badly. From barking all day and night, chewing up everything in sight, to biting nothing can strain the owner/dog relationship ...