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    • 41.

      A Step-by-step Example Of Dream Interpretation

      by Shen Gerald - 2007-05-17
      This article is an example of Dream Interpretation. It is presented in a step-by-step manner.Before we begin, there are some tips to take note while doing Dream Interpretation. They are:1. Although no...
    • 42.

      Man, the Microcosm; Part 1

      by Leonard Lee - 2007-05-20
      Of all the mystical symbols known to Initiates, Man (we use the term "Man" to refer to both genders) is considered as the most ancient among them. Man possessing the masculine and feminine natures, is...
    • 43.

      The Visible Sacred Results of Gayatri Meditation

      by Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya - 2007-06-12
      There are many forms of spiritual practices apart from Gayatri which give results only after the practices are completed totally. Meaning even if for example 90% of the practices are completed the res...
    • 44.

      Shamanism and Divination

      by Howard G Charing - 2007-06-12
      Shamanism is not a system of belief or faith, it is a system of knowledge, and divination is one of the paths to gain direct knowledge. Direct knowledge can be defined as that which is experienced fir...
    • 45.

      The Secret And Divine Will

      by Theresa L. Twogood - 2007-06-23
      You have by now had your e-mail box bombarded and overflowing with information and offers of literature for sale on,'The Secret'. If you watch afternoon televison you have seen wealthy celebrities tau...
    • 46.

      Super Mantra Gayatri and Yajnas Mutually Aid Each Other

      by Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya - 2007-06-26
      Yajna and Gayatri are inseparably bound to one another. The following verses eulogize the great import of Yajna and Yajna Purusha:"He who is worshipped via Yajnas, who is Yajna incarnate and Yajna man...
    • 47.

      Human Nature vs Divine Power in Renewed Man

      by James T - 2007-07-05
      God's plan for humanity is very simple; since the beginning of time God has planned for us to live the God kind of life, an abundant life- a life full of victory, joy, peace and power. In Genesi...
    • 48.

      Transforming the Kundalini of the world

      by Ashok Rawal - 2007-07-25
      Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) is a subtle power of Savitri which despite being all pervasive does not manifest so that one can worship it. One gross and ordinary use of Savitri Mahashakti is...
    • 49.

      Slow Down, Stop, Breath and Tap into Your Divine Self to Achieve Success

      by Joan Marie Whelan - 2007-08-14
      Often times, we fall into the drama of life.  Rather than valuing what is right in front of us, we seek what others have…and in doing so, we put blocks in the way of achieving the destiny that has...
    • 50.

      Super Mantra Gayatri Augments Purity of Mind/sattva Guna

      by Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya - 2007-09-23
      Gayatri Mantra chanting helps one attain a divine intellect. It inspires the mind, psyche, brain and thinking to walk on the path of absolute truth. Its main goal is to augment the principle of abso...