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    • 1.

      Getting A Contact lenses Prescription

      by Syed - 2007-02-08
      When you decide wearing contact lenses, the first thing you have to do is to go for a check to an ophthalmologist or an optometrist. You don't have to do this only for wearing contact lenses for ey...
    • 2.


      by Syed - 2007-02-19
      You want to wear colored contact lenses or for sight correction? You are not the only person- people of any age wear contact lenses, with glasses or instead of them, for correcting some visual pro...
    • 3.

      My own contact lens experience - part 1

      by Syed - 2007-03-12
      Since in our days more and more people use contact lenses, I thought I tell you about my own experience with lenses. Many years I worn glasses, because I didn't know too much about lenses, and I di...
    • 4.

      Solutions & Cleaners - Contact Lens Accessories

      by Ray Lam - 2008-07-27
      Contact lens wearers throughout the United States and around the world are being diagnosed with an extremely painful and potentially detrimental eye fungus, called fusarium keratitis. The FDA and the ...
    • 5.

      Cheap Contact Lenses : Buying Lenses Online

      by Ray Lam - 2008-07-30
      You have decided to buy contact lenses; it is no doubt a good idea to present a gift to your precious eyes. But before going to search for contact lens, it will be better to get a prescription from a ...
    • 6.

      Color Contact Lens And Crazy Contact Lens

      by Ray Lam - 2008-08-07
      Are your eyes ready to go toe to toe with a pair of crazy lens contacts? Special effects contact lenses, also identified with theatrical contacts or crazy lens, have experienced a surge in popularity ...
    • 7.

      Gas Permeable Lenses In General

      by Ray Lam - 2008-08-07
      Modern RGP contact lenses have a lot of advantages over soft contact lenses. They are healthier for your eyes, they don't dry out and they last for years. But people are afraid that RGP lenses aren't ...
    • 8.

      Discount Contact Lenses Online : Tips And Advice

      by Ray Lam - 2008-08-07
      Over 75 people around the globe wear contact lenses. Although contact lenses offer tremendous advantages in terms of convenience and vision improvement, purchasing them is not always that easy. That i...
    • 9.

      Change Your Eye Color With Colored Contact Lenses

      by Ray Lam - 2008-08-07
      The advent of contact lenses has created a sensation worldwide. Contact lens has been the most successful thing in today's world. Contact lenses have been the greatest fashion among the youth all over...
    • 10.

      Contact Lenses: Free Trial

      by Ray Lam - 2008-08-07
      So, you are looking for free samples of contact lenses? Perhaps you saw a commercial that said "visit our website for a coupon to receive free samples of contact lenses." Or, "see your eye care provid...