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    • 1.

      The Perfect Cake

      by Diane Watkins - 2006-12-09
      The perfect cake is easily recognizable. It's shape is perfectly symmetrical with a golden brown crust. It has a feathery velvet texture, and is moist and light. The taste is pure heaven. You ca...
    • 2.

      Never Burn The Bottoms of Your Cookies Again!

      by Monica Brooks - 2006-11-03
      If you are like me, you love to bake cookies, but hate the all-too-familiar problem of burning the bottoms. During the past couple of years, I have discovered some techniques that have ended my burnt...
    • 3.

      Calories For Christmas

      by Linda Meckler - 2006-12-19
      When you refuse a second helping of your favorite dessert do others try and get you to overeat? It seems that over the holidays all I do is eat. What about you? Do you feel that way also? Do you hear ...
    • 4.

      Christmas Snowball Cupcakes

      by Cristie Will - 2006-12-20
      Ingredients for cupcakes:1-box Chocolate cake mix 3-ounces Cream cheese, cut into 24 cubes -cup Water 2-large Eggs ⅓-cup Vegetable oil -cup Sour cream -cup Finely chop...
    • 5.

      Alternative Sweeteners

      by M Hogan - 2007-01-02
      Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you crave sweet desserts? Have you ever felt like a sugar addict? Most desserts are packed full of sugar, and yet there is plenty of evidence that sugary desserts are no...
    • 6.

      Chocolate Pecan Cherry Kiss Cookies

      by Cristie Will - 2007-01-06
      Ingredients:1-cup Butter, softened 1-cup Powdered sugar -teaspoon Salt 2-teaspoons Cherry extract -teaspoon Vanilla extract 2-cups All purpose flour -cup Finely chop...
    • 7.

      More Romantic Recipes for Valentine's Day

      by Noraini Maskuri - 2007-02-02
      Here's another idea for a special Valentine's Day meal that you can prepare at home for that special someone. Get your creative juices going and cook your own Valentine dinner. This is the second...
    • 8.

      Alternatives to Junk Food For Kids

      by Jerry Passi - 2007-03-14
      Kids will eat just about anything put in front of them so long as it has sugar in it. Are there any alternatives to the junk food diet? You bet there are.Beginning early in a child's development, it i...
    • 9.

      Wicked But Guilt-Free Chocolate Recipes For All Chocolate Lovers

      by Impala - 2007-06-05
      Today we all know that we need to "eat healthy". However eating healthy does not mean you can't also indulge your longings for chocolate. Let's be honest - for chocolate lovers, to give up choco...
    • 10.

      The Chocolate Experience

      by Julie Stone - 2007-06-25
      Chocolate, in various forms, is one of the most popular and recognizable flavours in the world. It's taste is sought after in chocolate bars, ice cream, drinks and desserts; a cook's larder is not com...