desperate housewives

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    • 1.

      "Transamerica" Transsexual Tale Misses Opportunity to Inform and Educate Viewers

      by Ed Bagley - 2007-01-19
      Transamerica - 1 Star (Terrible)There are easier films to review than productions involving alternative life styles, and Transamerica is an example. I purposely saw this film and reviewed it because I...
    • 2.

      Who Wants Some Drama?

      by Karina Leigh - 2007-01-27
      I'm starting to pay attention to the things that are popular in our culture. I'm not referring to Southpark, the Sonoma diet or the resurgence of Roller Derby. These realizations are just slightly les...
    • 3.

      Desperate Housewives: Jesse Metcalfe's Friends Stand by Him

      by Groshan Fabiola - 2007-04-04
      In the chaos that defines the world of show businesses, it comes as no surprise that celebrities, old and young alike, turn to desperate measures in order to cope with the stress and pressures of bein...
    • 4.

      Desperate Housewives Cast Members Play Golf for Charity

      by Groshan Fabiola - 2007-04-13
      During March of this year, several cast members of the highly-popular television series, Desperate Housewives, participated in a friendly competition on the golf course. Even some of the show's crew m...
    • 5.

      Desperate Housewives Doctor is Set to Star in New Comedy

      by Groshan Fabiola - 2007-04-14
      ABC Network has a myriad of upcoming comedy series, which has many familiar faces on television hopping from one show to another. Actress Faith Ford, whose initial claim to fame was made possible with...
    • 6.

      A Bridal Shower for a Desperate Housewives Star

      by Groshan Fabiola - 2007-04-29
      As actress Eva Longoria prepares for her upcoming marriage to NBA star player Tony Parker, one can only hope that she doesn't turn out to be like her character on the popular television series, Desper...
    • 7.

      Desperate Housewives Perks Up the Plot With New Facets

      by Groshan Fabiola - 2007-05-12
      For all those who feel that Desperate Housewives has been focusing too much on the lives of, well, the wives and mothers of Wisteria Lane, you will be happy to know that creator Marc Cherry has a lot ...
    • 8.

      Desperate Housewives Star Walking Down the Aisle With a Lavish Tiara

      by Groshan Fabiola - 2007-05-12
      One of the perks of being a woman these days is that you get to undergo the traditional bridal shower before your big day. This is, of course, if you are among the ones living outside the Hollywood fa...
    • 9.

      Desperate Housewives Actress Says 'i Do' Twice

      by Groshan Fabiola - 2007-07-26
      After months of media coverage and publicity, the much talked about union of NBA star, Tony Parker and Desperate Housewives actress, Eva Longoria, finally took place twice in beautiful Paris. The 6'2...
    • 10.

      'desperate Housewives' Star Going to Brickyard

      by Groshan Fabiola - 2007-07-31
      Desperate Housewives star James Denton isn't hushing about his love for baseball, in fact, he's proud of it! He even bought his own team, the Fullerton Flyers in March. Lately, baseball isn't the only...