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    • 1.

      There Is Still Time To Make a Personal Christmas Gift

      by Bonita Anderson - 2006-12-05
      When it comes to gift giving whether it be for Christmas or otherwise, I always think of items I can make. Besides giving gifts of food I create things out of recycled clothing. Take denim jeans, inst...
    • 2.

      Shopping for casual and sport clothes with the best brands

      by Ken Wilson - 2006-12-15
      The United Kingdom is known for the innovative fashion industry. G-STAR CLOTHING and SUPERDRY CLOTHING are just two of the names with a high reputation in its popular industry. The designs are new ...
    • 3.

      Find the Perfect Jean for Your Bodytype

      by Lakeysha Green - 2007-04-30
      From the ultra slim drainpipe, to the universally flattering bootcut, jeans have become the ultimate wardrobe staple. Every pair is as unique as their denim wash, and in world where all bodies are not...
    • 4.

      Denim reigns supreme

      by Elisha Burberry - 2007-09-13
      Do they know where it comes from? No, not a question asked to primary school children about where they think crisps originate, this is about fashion. For the past few decades, the fashion tren...
    • 5.

      Testosterone Based Fashion Mistakes - Jeans

      by Nazzanuk - 2007-09-20
      Jeans define you. Who you are. Where you live. What you ate this morning. How you got to work. Your marital status. The lot. I can sense u rolling those eyes of yours like a slot machine, but do...
    • 6.

      Advice, Denim - Developing the Next Generation of Jeans

      by Andrew Regan - 2008-06-02
      The terms Jeans and Denim are both steeped in history and derived from European city names. In 17th Century Italy, the Genoese navy were the first to wear the ‘bleu de Genes' (the blue of Geno...
    • 7.

      How to Wear This Seasons Bleached Skinny Jeans

      by Laura Davis - 2008-06-16
       Having just taken the plunge and bought a pair of super skinny bleached denim jeans I am super chuffed... until I got home and contemplated what exactly I am supposed to wear with them without looki...
    • 8.

      An Introduction To Designer Denim

      by Joshua Belden - 2008-07-27
      Designer denim is high-fashion, high-priced denim that is usually marketed as status symbols. Designer jeans exist for both men and women, and have been in existence since the 1970s. These jeans usual...
    • 9.

      The Perfect Jean-7 Tips To Find The Perfect Jeans For Your Figure

      by Sasha - 2008-08-14
      Are you tall? Are you petite? Do you have long legs? Do you have a large middle? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you probably have struggled to find the perfect pair of jeans....
    • 10.

      Rock The Trend-denim

      by Sasha - 2008-08-14
      The end of summer is near, but the warmth of the days is far from waning, so how do you look fabulous in the late summer/early fall trends? It's easy, just go back to a timeless classicdenim! By foll...