december 21

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  • december 21

    • 1.

      Inverted Field Reversal?

      by Ernie Fitzpatrick - 2008-04-13
      There are a dozen scenarios around the December 21, 2012 Mayan calendar (and other 2012 cultural musings), but one that's most intriguing and getting the attention of scientists is what's known as the...
    • 2.

      Womb of Creation

      by Ernie Fitzpatrick - 2008-06-16
      The Mayans looked into the heavens some 2,000+ years ago and discovered the BLACK HOLE of our universe. That's more than amazing because it's only been in the past century that our scientists even kne...
    • 3.

      The Torano Manuscript

      by Ernie Fitzpatrick - 2008-06-28
      Did you know that there isn't one Garden of Eden, but two? There's the one that James Ussher (1581-1656, Anglican Archbishop of Armagh) and the Bible speaks of that happend around 4,000 BCE and then ...
    • 4.

      History Lessons

      by Ernie Fitzpatrick - 2008-06-29
      The sage has told us that you can't know here you are or where you are going until you know where you've been. The sage also tells us that we either learn from history or we are bound to repeat it. A...
    • 5.

      Egyptian Expertise

      by Ernie Fitzpatrick - 2008-07-01
      Modern-day scientists are amazed at the skill of the Mayans and their calender that could understand black holes and somehow know that it took 26,000 years for our solar system to make a complete rev...
    • 6.

      Timewave Zero

      by Ernie Fitzpatrick - 2008-08-13
      Can mankind have such a jump in consciousness over the next four years that the planet can be literally transformed. If there was a Planet X headed our way, could we get prepared for whatever that mi...
    • 7.

      Let the Oceans Speak

      by Ernie Fitzpatrick - 2008-09-23
      There's no doubt that the Mayans have much to say to us. Their long count calendar and the December 21, 1012 date is catching the fancy of many world wide. There are so many places around the globe w...
    • 8.

      Carlos Barrios Says

      by Ernie Fitzpatrick - 2008-10-04
      At least once a week I get someone who responds to my 2012 commentaries in a condescending and demeaning fashion saying all those people who believe the world will come to an end are obviously crazy....
    • 9.

      Earth, Wind, & Fire

      by Ernie Fitzpatrick - 2008-10-05
      Earth, Wind & Fire is an African-American funk band led by Maurice White that achieved worldwide success in the 1970s. Ah, but I'm more interested in the concept when one adds two more elements: wate...
    • 10.

      Consciousness Calls

      by Ernie Fitzpatrick - 2008-10-26
      We are heading into places unseen, unknown, and not comprehendible by intelligence, all of which means we must learn anew to rely upon our intuition, spirit or consciousness. And we don't have a lot ...