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    • 1.

      Dating Etiquette: 101

      by Kristin Marquet - 2006-12-29
      Until recently, men and women's roles of dating etiquette have been clearly defined. However, now there is some confusion between what each gender's role is. So, here are a few rules to follow that w...
    • 2.

      A Guide To Some Cheap And Inexpensive Date Ideas

      by Bill Healey - 2007-06-10
      Here is a dilemma we've all probably faced at one point or another. You have a date this weekend but we are lacking the means for it financially. In other words, you are flat broke and it doesn't look...
    • 3.

      Ideas For Having A Truly One Of A Kind Date Experience

      by B Healey - 2007-06-10
      We've all been there. We need to plan a date but it can't be just any old, dinner and a movie date. It has to be something special. You want the date to be something that the other person will always ...
    • 4.

      Plan A Cheap Date

      by Sarah Russell - 2007-07-10
      There's nothing more exciting than the development of a new relationship - but before you know it, the cost of all those romantic evenings can add up. After dinner and a movie (since when is it $20 to...
    • 5.

      Navigating The Sea Of Houston Singles

      by Andrew Eliason - 2007-07-12
      There are more than 700,000 singles in Houston, which, if you do a very particular sort of math, means that, as a Houston single, you have somewhere around a one in 700,000 chance of finding your soul...
    • 6.

      The Law of Attraction Ignites the Passion

      by Ron McDiarmid - 2008-07-09
      So when you speak of passion, you have to keep the fire lit! A good sex life truly is important in any successful relationship so what does that tell you that you have to do? Create romantic opportun...
    • 7.

      Fun Dating Activities For Singles Looking To Find Their Perfect Partner

      by Ron McDiarmid - 2008-07-14
      Why not shake things up a bit and do something that is a little different. Now, were not talking sky diving here, just a slight change from the usual. Consider:Wine Tasting: This is a great activity ...
    • 8.

      The Importance of Keeping the Attraction within a Marriage

      by Ron McDiarmid - 2008-07-18
      It feels great and you may never think those feelings will fade; nothing could put out that fire! Well friend, nothing will put that fire out faster than a couple of kids and a stack of bills. Throw ...
    • 9.

      The Law Of Attraction Fit Attracts Fit

      by Ron McDiarmid - 2008-07-18
      Do they spend every night on the couch guzzling beer and hoovering up junk food? Has their 6 pack turned into a beer keg? No, on all counts. Do any of these statements come close to describing you? W...
    • 10.

      Relationship Advice. How To Keep The Passion Alive

      by Ron McDiarmid - 2008-08-01
      You have met your soul mate. Now you live happily ever after. Well, perhaps, but not if you don't put some energy into your relationship. Many couples assume that it is perfectly natural to eventuall...