customer service training

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    • 1.

      Monitor, Measure and Manage Your Arbitrary Customer Service Reps

      by Dr. Gary S. Goodman - 2006-12-23
      I walked into Ikea for the third time in two days, not to shop but to return a non-matching wood ottoman frame that I had purchased.I thought I was lucky because I got the same clerk who had helped me...
    • 2.

      The Difference Between Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction

      by Bart Allen Berry - 2007-01-02
      We all love to be welcomed warmly, attentively waited on with polite and enthusiastic anticipation of and fulfillment of our needs by a professional looking worker with a subservient attitude. This i...
    • 3.

      Your Service Sucks!

      by Dr. Gary S. Goodman - 2007-01-03
      I didn't realize how bad service had become until recently when I tried to get a brand new dryer repaired under warranty.I did everything right. In fact, I didn't even press to get an earlier appointm...
    • 4.

      Calming "Customonsters" and Other High-Maintenance Customers

      by Kate Zabriskie - 2007-01-17
      Calming "Customonsters" and Other High-Maintenance Customers Who Want What They Want When They Want It It's been over twenty years since Madonna first sang about being a "material girl in a material w...
    • 5.

      5 Reasons Customer Service Reps Should Record Themselves

      by Dr. Gary S. Goodman - 2007-01-26
      "Your call may be recorded for quality purposes," the electronic voice announces to the caller.We're so used to hearing this notification that companies don't even teach reps how to respond properly w...
    • 6.

      Customer Service Managers: Are You Going to Make Your Troops March?

      by Dr. Gary S. Goodman - 2007-01-27
      In an ideal world, each person would find his highest and best uses to society and apply himself to them.He'd be paid in a manner that is precisely commensurate to his contributions.He'd happily dispa...
    • 7.

      What Should Your Customer Service Training Cost in Terms of Money, Time and Results?

      by Leanne Hoagland-Smith - 2007-02-04
      Customer service is a key business strategy to increase sales. With loyal customers providing ongoing revenue and the source for most referrals, keeping these customers dazzled with exceptional custom...
    • 8.

      CRM - Customer Relationship "Management" Is a Myth

      by Dr. Gary S. Goodman - 2007-04-08
      Now that Peter F. Drucker has passed on, I feel almost duty bound to share some of his insights with you, little observations, pointers and gems that simply aren't in his books or popularly known.I ha...
    • 9.

      No Service is Better than Stupid Service - CNBC Expert Comments

      by Dr. Gary S. Goodman - 2007-04-08
      After giant Circuit City announced a cutback in its floor staff, alarmists immediately contended that this would spell the end of customer service as that retailer's patrons knew it."They probably won...
    • 10.

      Dear Customer - Come Back ONLY if You're Buying!

      by Dr. Gary S. Goodman - 2007-04-10
      There is a cable in the back of my car that cost about $37, with tax.I bought it because I thought I needed it as an Internet connection, but as it turned out, I didn't.It has been dwelling in my car,...