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    • 161.

      Fear Mongering: All's Fair?

      by CounselorDave - 2008-11-01
      I'm 58 years old, which obviously makes me I suppose, a "baby boomer", for whatever that's worth... not much I suspect! I'm also a Veteran (1967-1971). I am... a Recovering Drug Addict. I practiced ...
    • 162.

      A Challenge to the Reputation of a Nation

      by CounselorDave - 2008-11-03
      For the most part, the bulk of this article pertains to the period after the events of 911 and preceding the Invasion of Iraq. I believe the following actions were a precursor to the Iraq War, and p...
    • 163.

      A Blind Doctor?

      by Thomas Greenslade - 2008-11-04
      Notes on John 11  "...he stumbles, for he has no light" (John 11:10) I work in a clinic as a Spanish/English medical interpreter. In all the time I have been at the clinic I have never known a blin...
    • 164.

      Teeth Grinding and Bruxism - How Hypnotherapy Can Provide Help for Grinding Teeth

      by Peter James Field - 2008-11-07
      Teeth grinding and jaw clenching -- or bruxism, to give it its proper medical name -- is an issue we see and treat quite often here in our UK hypnotherapy clinicMany times the person suffering from b...
    • 165.

      Confidence - a Psychotherapist Explains

      by Peter James Field - 2008-11-16
      It is our nature to be confident.Regardless of whether we realize it or not, each one of us entered this life with an abundance of confidence.In fact, we were born to be confident. Inside each one of...
    • 166.

      Pre Marriage Counseling - The Answer to a Long and Healthy Marriage!

      by Kelly Purden - 2008-11-20
      There is no need to ask whether pre marriage counseling is for you or not. The answer is always YES. Pre marriage counseling is a psychological counseling given to couples before marriage. It is give...
    • 167.

      The Defeat of Prop 5: California

      by CounselorDave - 2008-11-25
      The defeat of Proposition 5, in California, was a major blow to the entire area of Drug Addiction Rehabilitation. Whether they know it or not it was also a disastrous outcome for the people of Cali...
    • 168.

      Services Presented By Consumer Credit Counseling

      by Ricky Hussey - 2009-03-02
      At the same time as many citizens countenanceeconomic poverty & proclaim insolvency, it turns out to be progressivelymore complicated for New Yorkmetropolis inhabitants to remain out of liabili...
    • 169.

      Debt settlement vs. credit counseling

      by Ricky Hussey - 2009-03-06
      It is a common mistake made by a lot of people to believe that they are both the same. But believe me, not matter what anyone says, they are not same. Debt settlement allows you to pay only 60-7...
    • 170.

      Go for credit counseling

      by Ricky Hussey - 2009-03-06
      †Credit repairing is far better than filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy furthers leads to worsening of credit score. Hence bankruptcy should be considered to be the last resort.Consumer credit co...