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    • 1.

      Corset and Bride

      by Nancy Lynn - 2006-12-08
      We sell corsets to a lot of people for a many different reasons, but one of the best pairings we've seen is the marriage between a bride and her corset.Brides spend a fortune on looking their very bes...
    • 2.

      Why You Should Wear A Corset

      by Nancy Lynn - 2006-12-08
      The very first reason to wear a corset is because corsets look HOT! They are just one of the sexiest fashion items available, hands down.Oh - you want details? More reasons?Corsets will make you appea...
    • 3.

      How Not to Make Love to Yourself

      by February Fontaine - 2006-12-15
      Have you done the following? You stand in front of a mirror wearing nothing but a black velvet corset and a long black beaded necklace. The corset has a lace up front and an under wire lace push up br...
    • 4.

      The Development Of Women's Fine Lingerie

      by Thomas Werd - 2006-12-29
      Nowadays, if the word "lingerie" is mentioned, we immediately think of sexiness, sophistication, passion, and even eroticism. We usually imagine brassieres, panties, corsets and nighties made of black...
    • 5.

      Improve Your Figure with Corset Lingerie

      by Tony McDay - 2007-03-14
      If you want to make the most of your physique, nothing works better than a corset, a cinching garment that is worn around the middle torso of the body to accent the shape and contour of the bust and w...
    • 6.

      Weight Loss Keys For Mini Skirt Season

      by Jayson Hunter - 2008-05-13
      More and more women are breaking out their Mini Skirts with summer quickly approaching. Here are some of my best rapid fat loss tips so you can look terrific in your Mini skirts.Losing weight fast is...
    • 7.

      Cinching The Waist With Corsets

      by Salvador Paez - 2008-06-25
      A small tiny waist, flat stomach, reduced back-pain, and perfectly upright posture"these are just some of the benefits of wearing a corset. A corset is a piece of garment worn by both men and women, a...
    • 8.

      Wonder Nutrient That Has You Looking Sexy In Your Little Mini Skirt Quicker

      by - 2008-07-04
      There is one nutrient that is head and shoulders above the other nutrients when it comes to fat burning and getting you into that mini skirt. This one nutrient not only burns more calories than the ot...
    • 9.

      1 Nutrient Can Ruin Your Chance Of Looking Sexy In Your Mini Skirt

      by - 2008-07-11
      Insulin level is controlled and manipulated by the glycemic load of foods. In your mini skirt diet plan you want to consume lower glycemic foods to produce a lower glycemic load which keeps your insul...
    • 10.

      Fashion & Cosmetics, A Teddy Will Work For You

      by JASON ESTABROOK - 2008-11-18
      Looking to find that one piece of lingerie to make you significant others blood pressure boil over. Then you might want to consider the teddy, or sometimes referred as a teddiette. The teddy is a ...