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    • 61.

      "waking Ned Devine" by Kirk Jones is the Best Comedy I Have Ever Seen - Part 1

      by Ed Bagley - 2008-11-03
      Copyright © 2007 Ed BagleyWaking Ned Devine - 4 Stars (Excellent)Sooner or later one has to come clean. When pigeonholed about what is my favorite comedy, I said some time ago that "Meet the Foc...
    • 62.

      Entertainment, Nicole Kidman on The Late Show With David Letterman Hysterical

      by JOHN THINS - 2008-11-26
      There were news stories going across every major wire this morning that Nicole Kidman had a blowout on the Late Show with David Letterman the other night. They said that Kidman "lost it." There we...
    • 63.

      Entertainment, Jeff Dunham Tickets - Stand Up For Stand Up Comedy

      by REED TIERI - 2009-02-13
      So are you ready to laugh? Or do you have a taste for dark dry wit? Would you like to meet Walter a Vietnam War veteran who is disgruntled about everything in life? Unhappy with today's world and ...
    • 64.

      Comedy Scripts

      by Charlie Reese - 2009-02-26
      To my mind, writing comedy scripts has an appeal far greater and more universal than most types of writing do. After all, not everyone wants to create a dramatic, serious story, but everyone wants to ...
    • 65.

      Comedy Movies Online

      by Charlie Reese - 2009-02-27
      Sometimes, you are going to feel lousy no matter what. It could be something as trivial as a bad day at work, or as serious as the death of a close friend or family member. Either way, it can lead to ...
    • 66.

      Comedy Copywriting-Funny or not, here I come

      by Chip Tudor - 2009-03-02
      I enjoy humor-reading it, watching it and writing it. Writing it is the hardest. But that doesn't stop me from including it when writing copy. Comedy is an effective tool for delivering a powerf...
    • 67.

      Robin Williams Tickets For "weapons Of Mass Destruction"

      by Matt Ryan - 2009-04-10
      Robin Williams has had a long career pleasing audiences with his amazing performances. Whether he is in a comedic or dramatic role, Williams' is always at the top of his game, leaving his fans with me...
    • 68.

      Entertainment, All You Want To Know About Jake Bern

      by REED TIERI - 2009-04-16
      Jake Bern is an American actor who has mainly worked in TV shows and commercials. He has acted in several TV shows such as Cold Case (CBS), Gilmore Girls (WB) and LA Dragnet (ABC) and commercials incl...
    • 69.

      What A Killer Movie

      by Brian O’Conor - 2009-05-12
      Review: The Graduates (2009)Ron M. GeverThough independent and "low budget", what others have deemed "staged" and "faked" (perfect "in frame" shots), seems to be a disguised complement on the quality ...
    • 70.

      They Sell Out The Graduates Movie For A Reason

      by Brian O’Conor - 2009-05-12
      Review: The GraduatesTom BarrymoreI watched a free sneak preview online and was really, really surprised. I get their email updates and the last one said ten sold-out screenings in a row, so I was cur...